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Tact Black seed oil

-The active substance is Nigellon. Its function is to support the respiratory and immune system. It is useful in cases of asthma.
-It completes food balance in body. It contains  phosphorus (sexual stimulant). Useful in cases of weakness and lethargy.
- Nigilon increases the activity of white blood cells Leukocyte ( Natural Killer) by 70%, which protects the body against cancer, liver disease and cirrhosis. 
-Black seed oil reduces blood glucose and cholesterol. 
- Carotene benefits in supporting immunity 
- Black seed oil increases hemoglobin, hematocrit , red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.
- It also protects blood when using chemical treatments like Calcezbilatin. 
- Externally useful for skin diseases like depigmentation and used for rheumatic pain.

- unsaturated amino acids , a large proportion of proteins and multi-mineral components.
-It contains Nigellonel that strengthens  immune system. 
-It contains phosphorus (sexual stimulant). 
-It contains beta carotene (vitamin A generator) that prevents cancer.

- It supports respiratory and immune system and food balance in the body. 
- In cases of asthma ,respiratory infections, cough and cold. 
- In cases of fungi and women's infections.  
- In cases of diabetes. It reduces cholesterol. 
- It stimulates blood circulation 
- Treatment for lethargy. It revives memory and treats fatigue and exhaustion. 
- ED 
- Stomach ache
- It reduces pressure, migraine, asthma, pulmonary inflammation, arthritis, gout, indigestion, digestive disorders diseases and painful menstruation.

External use:
- It treats wounds, burns, scabies, lousy wounds (skin wounds caused by lice) and muscle pain. 
- It eliminates the pain of rheumatism and humidity.
- It is used to get rid of skin diseases (vitiligo - melasma - freckles - herpes - Vixen - psoriasis - eczema)

- A small spoon per day for adults only.

Studies on Nigella sativa: 
The best way to use:
Nigella sativa effect on increasing immunity.
- Researchers Qadi and Qandeel started in 1987 experimenting  Nigella sativa on some volunteers as oral dose of 2 g daily for four weeks. They have found a clear improvement in the proportion of white blood cells (natural killer cells) activity by 74% and have proved that Nigella sativa has been instrumental in stimulating the immune system. Moreover, it could have a role in treatment of cancer and immune diseases.
-Qadi reported in 1991 that the use of Nigella sativa with garlic leads to increasing the activity of immune system for a large number of volunteers. 
- Dr. Madi in 1993 in his PhD thesis at Alazhar University, demonstrated the impact of Nigella sativa on hepatic fibrosis in humans and that Nigella sativa has an important role in increasing natural killer cells that defend the body against cancer cells, especially liver cancer and cirrhosis. Nigella sativa leads to increase the proportion of complementary substance which prevents serious complications resulting from microbe infection. 
Nigella sativa stimulant effect.

 Ancient medical books like Ibn al-bitar's ( the Whole items of medicines), (book of prophetic medicine) by Ibn al-Dhabi and the book of Ibn al qaym said that Nigella sativa has a good diuretic, menstrual and milk increasing effect and this is what prompted scientists and researchers to do experiments in this field 

_In India, scientist Ajrawla  experimented on mothers after birth. He concluded that Nigella sativa increases milk, because the stimulant substance for increasing milk is found in this ethereal abstract located in the fatty part of the seed.
Effect of Nigella sativa on the respiratory system. 
- Scientists have proved that it has laudable effects on the respiratory system. It benefits for cold and dissolves phlegm. 
- Both Krincar in 1975 and Paulus in 1983 indicated that Nigella sativa is good for treating lung disease, respiratory infections and asthma. They also proved in 1970 that Altimokinnon and Altimohidokithon have anti-histamine impact in guinea pigs. Altimokinnon also protects against convulsions. 
- Researcher Taha also demonstrated in 1996 for a master's degree in the subject of the protective effect of Nigella sativa oil compared to Alkatotvien. After observing asthma of experimental animals and found that animals having Nigella sativa oil proved that it has a protective effect of convulsions that occur, due to inhalation of egg whites in susceptible animals but Alkatotvien is stronger than Nigella sativa oil. 
-Researcher Dr. Badr al-Din demonstrated in 1960 the impact of Nigella sativa on asthma and reported that it had not shown a direct curative effect. It was also found that the treatment is safe. He reported in numerous studies that Nigella sativa oil leads to bronchi widening. Nigella sativa oil also has anti-inflammatory effect.
Anti-fungal and bacterial effect of Nigella sativa . 
- Many experiences have proved that Nigella sativa oil is an inhibitor for bacteria growth and demonstrated that Nigella sativa oil has a good effect on cholera microbe. The anti-bacterial effect of oil is similar to that of penicillin and its derivatives. It was found that Nigella sativa oil has an effective influence as anti-fungal . Alasbergiles, In particular. 
- Researcher Mzoos has also proved in 1992 that Nigella sativa volatile oil has high activity on shigella types and ten strains of the microbe Alocricia cholera and E. coli. It can also be used to treat diarrhea. 
Effect of Nigella sativa on abdominal parasitic worms. 
- In India, researcher Ajrawal  and others in 1979 have done a search to determine the influence of Nigella sativa volatile oil in different condensations. _They found  that Nigella sativa oil paralyses and kills tapeworms and hookworms in less time than Alberazin does. The effect of Nigella sativa oil was slightly lower than the standard used drug for killing those worms (Hexylresorcinol). 
- Dr. Al soukari also found in 1996 that Nigella sativa has a therapeutic effect against Giradia parasite under experimental and clinical studies.
The impact of Nigella sativa on hemoglobin. 
-A research center has given hope to cancer research, in India under the supervision of Dr. Nair in 1991 found that the treatment of experimental animals using the Nigella sativa oil protects from Sizbilatin that causes decline in the level of hemoglobin and white blood cell count.
-Dr. Choudhury and others recommended in 1996 through their research to use Nigella sativa to increase hemoglobin , hematocrit , red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.
-Research also provided throughout scientist, Dr. Aqabi in national research center in Egypt 1997 results showing that Nigella sativa leads to an increase in the condensation of hemoglobin in experimental animals and they found that it increases  the body's immune cells through the lymphatic cells, total protein and globulins. This is due to Nigella sativa containing elements such as, iron that which is a component in the formation of hemoglobin and copper.
- Nigella sativa effect on liver enzymes.
- in Sri Lanka Tankon observed in 1991 that Nigella sativa oil increases secretion of liver enzymes without any Hustologip changes in liver. Dr. Mehdi 1993 presented a study at Medicine faculty in Alazhar university and experiments on hepatitis patients found that when eating seeds of Nigella sativa the proportion of natural killer cells increases , which defend the body against cancer cell growth and liver cancer in particular for patients with liver cirrhosis and are also increasingly complementary material to prevent serious complications of microbes that occur in patients with cirrhosis. 
- In 1997, Dr. Mandour, Department of Biochemistry, Dr. Aqabi in the National Research Center proved that Nigella sativa powder has no harmful effect on liver or kidneys.
Nigella sativa effect on patients with diabetes, kidney and cholesterol. 
- Some scientists pointed out in their studies that Nigella sativa alone leads to low blood sugar, like the Dr Juma 's study in 1987. In 1995 the effect of Nigella sativa oil in different doses. The research team  has found low blood sugar by 12% after a period between 4 and 6 hours of oil injection and proved that Nigella sativa increases pancreas insulin secretion. 
- In another study, Al-Awadi pointed out in 1991 that the use of Nigella sativa reduces the level of blood sugar  from 17.6 - 8.5 mg / mol / L and he found that the use of this mixture reduces the ability of liver to make glucose from sources other than carbohydrates.
- In Jordan, Dr. Al hadir , Faculty of Medicine in 1993 presented a study on the influence of Nigella sativa volatile oil on the level of glucose in experimental animals that were injected with 50 mg and the research team had found, low blood glucose in those experimental animals.
- Dr. Edward wrote in 1976 that because Nigella sativa contains a large proportion of unsaturated fatty acids may be active extraction of cholesterol in the intestine and activates oxidation of cholesterol in bile. 
The use of Nigella sativa as analgesic and blood pressure depressant. 
- Dr. al-Zawahiri, Faculty of Medicine 1964 has proven that Nigella sativa oil reduces blood pressure and  tension for containing Alglicoseerat soap that is useful in the treatment of spasticity. 
- In Saudi Arabia Dr. Tahir Faculty of Pharmacy, 1993 presented the impact of intravenous injection with Nigella sativa volatile oil on experimental animal and found that it reduces blood pressure depending on dose. It also proved it has anti tension impact. 
- It has been also proven that the effect of Nigella sativa in reducing blood pressure, because it reduces cholesterol deposited in blood vessels, which increases blood pressure. 
Anti-tumor and inflammation effect of Nigella sativa. 
-Salome in 1991 studied the effects of Nigella sativa seed extract on experimental animals infected with skin cancer when exposed to cancer substance and found that the group that was treated with Nigella sativa oil has decreased possibility of skin cancer. 
- Salome has proven in 1992 in a study on the effect of Nigella sativa on other types of cancer such as, EAC 180 - DLAS and found that Nigella sativa reduces and prevents the occurrence of cancer and tumors, and through their impact on the level of DNA in cells.
- The researchers found that the cancer substance causes formation of malignant liver tumors in 25% of the animals, while the rate of tumor 4% when treated with Nigella sativa oil.
Mixtures of Nigella sativa: 
- Put one tablespoon of honey in half a cup of warm water and then put a teaspoon of Nigella sativa oil. A little lemon or orange can be added and drink this mixture on an empty stomach. It can be drunk an hour before lunch or dinner. 
_Gout: (equal volumes of oil of Nigella sativa oil + myrtle oil + celery oil). Take a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening. 
_Hemorrhoids:( Nigella sativa oil + olive oil half the volume of Nigella sativa). Three tablespoons are applied for 15 days on hemorrhoids. 
_ED:( Nigella sativa oil + olive oil + rocket oil + pure honey). A table spoon after each meal. 
Reducing blood pressure and cholesterol :

( Mix three volumes of Nigella sativa oil +a volume of garlic oil)  take half a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening. 
_Reviving and vitiminizing hair : (equal volumes of  Nigella sativa oil + chamomile oil + aloe vera oil + radish oil + garlic oil) .Rub on scalp well and leave it an hour before washing.