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Tact Fenugreek oil

-Increasing breast milk:

Fenugreek oil contains I3P that leads to increasing prolactin production, which induces breast milk secretion.

_ Fenugreek oil increases sweating and milk production.
_Use a teaspoon 3 times every day to increase milk.
-Useful for all vaginal and female diseases: it treats all vaginal diseases because it contains Aldeusjinin which has a similar composition to female hormone (estrogen). It is useful for sexual stimulation, menopause symptoms and breast enlargement.
-It reduces blood sugar because it contains Altereugnill. It stimulates insulin action and reduces sugar absorption from digestive tract, so it reduces blood sugar within 21 days.
For reducing blood sugar use two tablespoons every day for two weeks to reduce blood sugar.
-It is useful for treating stomach ulcers because it contains Almeoselag that forms a protective layer for stomach.

Active substances: 
Biotin, Colin, essential oils, folic acid, Iinoctol, iron, lecithin, mucosa, Bantotnik acid, Parra - aminobenzoic acid phosphate, protein, Tritjonlin, Trajmethyl amin, vitamin A, b 1, b 2, b 3, b 6, b 12, d

-It is galactagogue for breastfeeding mothers
-It is a sexual tonic for women
-It reduces blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride 
-It is appetizing 
-It is anti-spasm 
-It is cancer cell inhibitor .
-It is used for topical infections, burns and sores 
-It is laxative, intestinal lubricant, and It reduces fever. It is useful for eyes, for treating asthma and for treating nasal sinus by reducing mucus. It is also useful for treating lung diseases and stimulating milk production for breastfeeding mothers.

-It treats whitlow.
-It treats breast abscesses and abscesses caused by blockage of anal fistula.
-It treats eczema and foot sores. It removes skin cracks. It protects feet from freezing. 
-It treats muscle pain and rheumatism. 
-It treats tonsillitis and diphtheria (diphtheria). It is useful to relieve cough associated by tuberculosis.
-It extricates mucus and sputum and It is also useful for asthma and nasal sinus.

For increasing breast milk: a tablespoon three times every day for 3-5 days. After that, take one teaspoon every day for a week then, breastfeeding becomes the instigator of milk production.

For reducing blood sugar: a tablespoon for two weeks in the morning and in the evening where blood sugar begins to decline. After that, take one teaspoon every day.