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Tact Cardamom oil

-Cardamom oil contains resin abstracts.

Internally: it is useful for kidney stones, urinary diseases and digestive disorders.

Externally : it is useful for treating tooth cavities, gingivitis and acne. It helps to relax.
-Cardamom oil is composed mainly of aromatic oils, volatile oils, resin abstract and some important minerals such as, calcium and iron.

External use: 
- It is used for treating inflammation of gums and mouth and for tooth cavities.
- It is used effectively against acne and skin infections.
- It can be used externally by abdominal massage after mixing with one to four of sweet almond oil to relieve colic pain. 
- It combats fungi that causes dandruff or head bran.
- It revives body and helps it to relax. Put several drops of cardamom oil in a warm bath tub water.
-Cardamom oil helps to relax muscles and nervous system in the pelvic area so, it is considered by some people a sexual tonic.

Internal use: 
- It helps with disintegration of kidney stones. It is also a diuretic and anti-urinary incontinence.
- It alleviates digestive disorders and indigestion.
- It is analgesic, anti-spasm and colic and intestinal gas repellent. It prevents nausea . 
- Anti-asthma and bronchitis.
- Appetizing and it relieves digestion.

Internally: a teaspoon 1-2 times a day as needed, extended with olive oil. 
- Dental: place a few drops on gums and teeth. 
Externally: apply on skin after extending it with sweet almond oil.