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Tact hazelnut oil


Helps to delay early senescence:

One tablespoon of nuts provides about 86% of the daily requirement of vitamin E, it also contains vitamin A and vitamin C, two powerful antioxidants, and there is significant influence by these vitamins prevents the appearance of wrinkles on your skin, and thus delays the onset of early signs of aging

Keeps skin moistrized:

Hazelnut as mentioned above, contains big quantities of vitamin E. Vitamin E with fat helps moisturize skin. Keeps skin soft and smooth and gives it a radiant and clear look

Keeps you safe from harmful ultraviolet rays:

You can apply a hazelnut oil on your skin, this will serve as natural sun protection from the harmful effects of UV harmful rays, only a few drops of sesame oil, avocado oil, walnut oil, hazelunt oil, application of this mixed oil on your skin daily for UV protection.

Keeps skin healthy and rejuvenated:

Filled with antioxidants, hazelnut plays a vital role in maintaining skin look healthier. Antioxidants fight free radicals, which if left could harm your skin. It also protects skin from cancer caused by UVA / UVB rays.

Safe and gentle on sensitive skin:

Gentle moisturizing properties of hazelnut makes it a perfect natural moisturizer for sensitive and dry skin

Treat acne:

Hazelnut is excellent element to rub exposed to skin to acne.

Benefits of hazelnut for hair:

Fortifies hair:

You can use extracted oil from hazelnut to use in your daily life for hair care system, just application on scalp, hair and massage for a few minutes. Leave it overnight and wash the next day, if desired. You can use a mild shampoo. This will help in fortifying hair from the roots

Good for dry and damaged hair:

Is your hair is very dry? hazelnuts can come to help you, add 2 tablespoons of hazelnut oil. After 20 minutes wash with warm water and shampoo.

Health Benefits of Nuts:

Good for heart:

Hazelnut is a good source of unsaturated fat and cholesterol, unsaturated fats, especially oleic acid. It has the ability to reduce the LDL levels while promoting HDL levels, only one cup of these nuts meet 50% of the required levels of magnesium. Magnesium plays a key role in regulating calcium levels. It is known that high level of calcium is harmful to the heart

For cancer prevention :

Hazelnut contains alpha-tocopherol, a variant of vitamin E that is known to possess the ability to reduce the risks associated with the beginning of bladder cancer by more than 50%. Hazelnut are also abundant source of manganese. This metal is known to be an element of the antioxidant enzyme in the mitochondria, which plays a key role in prevention of cancer

Good for muscles:

As mentioned earlier, magnesium plays a vital role in maintaining calcium level and transition to and from body cells in a healthy way, and thus helps in muscle contraction, and prevent muscle fatigue. This, in turn, relieves muscle tension and fights and prevents muscle fatigue, spasm, cramps and sores. Even studies suggest that a good dose of magnesium can actually help strengthen muscles

Good source of protein:

Just one cup of nuts in your daily diet to get 17 grams of protein, you get a good dose of fiber, too. This makes it a great choice as a snack for vegetarians to increase fat burning

Good for constipation troubles:

Being a rich source of fiber 1 ounce gives 2.7 grams of fiber, to meet the needs of 10% of the recommended, you can add hazelnut in your diet to keep your bowel movement, thus preventing constipation

Useful for bone health:

Magnesium, along with calcium, is essential for the health and wellness of bones and joints, magnesium stored in bones comes to the rescue when there is a sudden shortage of magnesium. In addition, Hazelnut contain manganese, a metal essence for bone growth and strength. No wonder, it makes an inevitable choice snack for menopause and dissemination of post-menopausal women to protect themselves from osteoporosis, bones porous and brittle outages

Improves the health of nervous system:

Vitamin B6 vitamin is essential for the proper functioning of amino acids, these acids in turn play the role of regulating in maintaining the health of the nervous system, Vitamin B6 is necessary for the proper production of various neurotransmitters, including epinephrine, melatonin and serotonin also

Improves immunity and energy:

Hazelnut is full with various nutrients, including various minerals such as calcium, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. All of these nutrients are necessary to ensure blood flow in the body without hindrance. When the blood flows through the body unimpeded, increases energy and immunity, which in turn prevents unwanted various health conditions


Stress and depression:

Hazelnut contain a good dose of alpha-linolenic acid, along with omega 3 fatty acids, these elements along with B vitamins play an effective role in prevention and mitigation of various psychological conditions, including anxiety, stress, depression, and even schizophrenia. These elements also enhance your memory and play a key role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters such as serotonin

Plays a role in improving fertility levels :

Studies indicate that hazelnut, in fact, possesses the ability to reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity, and thus helps improve fertility levels

Useful for menstrual cramps:

These nuts are rich with magnesium, vitamin E, calcium and other nutrients. These elements are known to have a positive impact in alleviating cramps and thus helps to overcome menstruation better

Good source of iron:

Studies indicate that hazelnut is a wonderful natural remedy for iron deficiency and health issues that have arisen due to iron deficiency. Hazelnut contains good doses of iron. Red blood cells are used for iron absorption of oxygen, and thus protects you from various health conditions.

Good source of vitamin K:

Vitamin K is blood clotting vitamin. It plays an important role in blocking the excessive blood loss by causing platelet installation, and thus protects you from life-threatening situations. This vitamin is also essential for calcium absorption, thus reduces the risk of fractures associated with calcium deficiency

Good for pregnant women:

Proper nutrition during pregnancy to maintain the health of both mother and child, Hazelnut is a rich source of various essential nutrients good for pregnancy, including iron and calcium. Also, make sure your fluid intake is sufficient to avoid the issues raised constipation caused by eating foods rich with fiber

Good for babies:

Folic acid is an essential element contributing to baby growth. Only 30 grams of nuts will bring together 17% of the recommended essential element of this daily value


Prevents diabetes:

Often doctors advised by nutty snack healthy for those who are under siege from diabetes, especially type 2, it is loaded with dietary fiber, which actually help to keep yourself fully, being a low GI, and you know hazelnut to prevent glucose levels from escalating, In addition, eating hazelnut can actually improve levels of HDL. It increases good cholesterol level while reducing bad cholesterol level, and therefore, it can be protected from the dangers of high blood sugar

Useful to control blood pressure level :

Hazelut is useful for people who suffer from high blood pressure, is a good source of healthy fats, while the variables of saturated fats make up to 1.5 grams only ounce of hazelnut, it also gives you 46 mg of magnesium, potassium 193 grams and 2.7 grams of dietary fiber. A good dose of potassium, essential for lowering blood pressure and reducing the level of risk associated with various cardiovascular conditions appearance, including stroke and paralysis

  Dosage: one teaspoon a day is recommended