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Tact henna oil 

Indications: hair care, relieving high temperature, headaches and sores, is useful in  dandruff treatment, and scalp inflammation, and fights hair loss, it also contains antiseptic substances that purify scalp of microbes and parasites .Astringent substances that resist increasing fat secretion Thus, it is of great use for those who suffer from greasy hair problem, flu and scabies and vitiligo, lithotripsy, decomposition of tumors, fatigue.

How to use:

External Use:

Skin Care: henna oil is used to apply on skin after cleaning regularly to give it softness and vitality.

Henna oil for hair care fatty: In addition to the benefits of henna for dry skin oil and fragile, it also gives hair health and vitality and regulates scalp fat secretions, and gives weak hair strength and density and cleans it well of excess fat, this extracted oil from henna leaves and used for dying hair naturally by cold press, it can be used before every time you wash your hair. It is advised to wash greasy hair regularly to speed up oil effect and remove the accumulated fats.

For greasy hair care use henna oil directly on scalp and on hair from roots to ends and by taking the right amount according to hair length, massage scalp for a minute or two and then wash hair after quarter of an hour with warm water, it is advised to use mild PH shampoo to get a satisfying result, Henna oil also can mix with other nutritious smoothing oils and the hair to speed up the effect.

Nourishing Hair Mask: half a large cup Hannah Mrahih 0.10 ml oil Hannah, and a quarter cup of water, henna placed in a bowl of pottery or glass or plastic, and supplemented henna oil and hot water, mix well until getting a paste, put on clean hair and Dry hair covers the entire mixture then thickened with plastic leaves for a quarter of an hour to 45 minutes and then wash thoroughly hot hair soft and then shampoo and rinse thoroughly with water and then dried.

For external use