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Tact Caraway oil

- Caraway oil is used to increase breast milk, appetizing, anti-colic  and anti-Struma.

- Caraway is an essential oil which is composed mainly of lemon and grapefruit up from 40-60%. It also contains flavonoids and many confection.
-It contains digestive substances and volatile oil from 3 - 8%.

- It is used for colic and gas expulsion. 
- Appetizing, especially for children. 
- It is used to control Struma by having 4-5 drops in a glass of water every evening.

Mixture and method of use: 
-It removes foot smell (1 mm of caraway oil +5 mm of Jojoba oil + 5 mm of salvia oil)

-It is very useful for the treatment of hemorrhoids ( mix equal volumes of  caraway oil+ olive oil + Jojoba oil+ hyssop oil) and apply it. 
- It is used to treat urinary incontinence,( 2 drops from caraway oil +3 drops from clove oil) in the evening before going to sleep.

-It has good effect on the ends of air tracts and it reduces asthma (1 ml of caraway oil + 1 ml of thyme oil. + 10 ml of ginger oil). Take a tablespoon if necessary. 
-It increases milk when breastfeeding, especially if it is mixed with anise and fenugreek oil. (1 ml of caraway oil +1 ml olive oil + 10 ml oil fenugreek) a tablespoon every day. 
-It relieves the pain of rheumatism, arthritis and muscle pain ( mix caraway oil, salvia oil, mallow oil and ginger oil). Take a tablespoon of  this mixture every day, apply on affected place.