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Tact Saffron oil

Saffron. Latin name: safranum. A bulbous plant of gladioli species, and the active part of saffron is members of pollination. Blooming flowers are picked and dried in the shade and then dried again in a thin net on low heat. This substance is red, orange, smells pungent and has distinctive taste.

Volatile fatty oil and other colored substances are extracted from the active part (members of pollination). It has an aromatic smell. This oil is composed of a wide range of compounds up to 125 compounds, the most important of which is known as carotioid which contains lycopene beta carotene (Preventive factors and treatment of cancer). It also contains Aeratin (Tonic and stimulant substance for nerves, and helps to increase menopause).

Saffron oil from Tact is 100% natural and it is cold pressed after soaking the active part (members of pollination) on a ratio of 1:1 by weight with soybean oil (stable time and temperature). Saffron solution has been extended saffron by 20% with oils which support saffron effect (Khatmiyya oil - Thyme oil - caraway oil), particularly to treat respiratory system and digestive system diseases.

Benefits and Uses:

Saffron is used in modern pharmaceutical industry, such as those used in extricating intestinal worms and atypical antipsychotic drugs for neurological cases and in psychiatric drugs used to stimulate the urinary excretion, especially drugs used to treat respiratory system and soothe cough. Saffron oil is used in the following cases:

1. Treating respiratory infections: infections of trachea, treats and relieves cough, whooping cough and colds. 
2. Treating digestive system diseases: burp stimulant gas repellant and at the same time kills appetite, so it is used for diet and weight loss is also used as stomach pain relief and intestinal worm repellent. 
3. Tonic for the central nervous system: 
- To prevent mood disorders, depression, mental diseases and obsessive fears. It is hypnotic and sedative.

- Saffron gives energy, it increases energy and strengthens senses hearing, eyesight, smell, and touching … 
- Used in many of atypical antipsychotic drugs for neurological and respiratory cases.
4. Induces sweat and helps to reduce temperature. 
5. Helps in relieving menstrual pain as it helps to start menopause: two tablespoons to three times per day before the start of menstruation, three or two days at the start of menstrual pain.
6. Prevents arrhythmia and palpitations and stimulates heart, where used in the treatment of these diseases Tachyarrhythmias.
7. Useful in treatment of dry skin and gives skin necessary softness and can be mixed with ginger oil to improve the effect and results.
8. Useful in prevention and treatment of many cancer diseases, where its effect is equivalent to or greater than turmeric oil and rosemary oil.


A tablespoon  twice to three times a day

Side Effects:

saffron oil from Tact is safe in prescribed doses. Large doses can lead to:
- A significant increase in menopause. 
- Redness of face, low pulse or headache.

- It is preferably not to be used by pregnant women.