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Tact Evening Primrose oil

Internally :primrose oil is used for aging problems, pre-menstruation syndrome, menopause symptoms, alcohol poisoning, heart diseases, child hyperactivity, plaque sclerosis, weight control, obesity and schizophrenia.

Externally: It is used for eczema and acne.

- Gama acid – lenolik- lenolik acid and other nutrients. Primrose oil is basic in cell composition and improving skin elasticity and treating eczema. These fatty acids also help in hormone regulation, menopause symptoms, improving nerve function. It is useful for treating MS plaque and has effects that re-balance hormones, which contribute to formation of healthy breast tissue.

- Primrose oil is extracted from primrose seed which contains a high concentration of essential fatty acid  (EFA) that is called lenolik gamma acid (LA) Linolenic. Lenolik gama acid concentration is between 8% to 10.5%, and this fatty acid GLA is what gives important healing properties to this plant. GLA also contains a high level of OMEGA6.

-Primrose oil has proven to be effective in treating several skin diseases. Primrose oil has been used since 1930 for treating eczema (i.e. when skin becomes inflamed and this is accompanied by itching and peeling, due to allergies or other irritation) .It can also help in the prevention of diseases associated with breast and central nervous system diseases. (GLA) is known to help in soothing and reducing body inflammation and vitaminizing immunity system.
-GLA is found in primrose oil.GLA helps to keep the myelin sheath healthy that surrounds and encases nerves and helps to protect them from any harm, and it is believed that taking primrose oil internally eases the symptoms for patients who suffer from diseases such as plaque sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and diabetic neuropathy.
- (GLA) inhibits the production of chemicals similar to hormones in blood. They are called Balbroustaglandin, some of which cause inflammation and high level of Albroostaglandit which is related to pathological conditions such as, pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, (mastitis) breast cysts.
- Primrose oil has been used recently for breast pain and cysts in several European countries and It is believed it has an effect in preventing periodic breast pain associated with (P.M.S) premenstrual syndrome.
-Primrose oil has been studied in treatment of hormonal symptoms that occur associated with P.M.S and menopause such as, excessive cramping and hot flashes. According to some reports GLA gama acid -Ienolik in primrose oil can help to relieve menstrual cramps. 
- Primrose oil has anti-inflammatory action and immune system support that makes it a treatment for other disorders characterized by pain and inflammation, such as, Raynaud 's disease
and rheumatoid arthritis disease.

-Internally: use a teaspoon every day for two weeks. In neurological cases use a teaspoon for a month.

-Externally: apply topically in cases of eczema and acne once every day.