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Tact Flax seed oil

Flax seed oil reduces cholesterol because it contains omega-3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 acids and it sooths intestines and stomach.


Description : annual plant which grows on hills and plains up to 800 m. length 30-50 cm. erect stem. non-shiny green, pointed,  lanceolate, consecutive leaves. light blue flowers in a regular form of cluster. capsule fruit that contain seeds. 

 Active ingredients: Beta - carotene, glycosides, gum, Linamarin, unsaturated fatty acids, essential omega 3, omega-6 Linoleic acidLinolenic acid, oleic acid, Mucous substance, protein, saturated fatty acid, Tanisohim and vitamin E.
 In addition to estrogens plant group which is called Lignan 
vegetable saliva, oil, Hetrozid, enzymes, vitamin F.

Externally: For treating boils, abscesses, skin infections and eczema. 
 -Tonic, skin intenerating and softening and laxative. 
Internally: for chronic constipation, and it is used as soothing for inflammation, constipation, bladder inflammation, and urine inflammation. 
 Warning: Do not use it if you have thyroid disorder. 
-It vitaminizes bones, teeth and nails and helps to preserve skin. It is also useful for treating  colon , woman diseases and inflammation. It is good for cardiovascular system (because it contains unsaturated fatty acids of omega-3 type.)

- A teaspoon 5 ml per day.

Mixtures, method of use: 
Take a tablespoon of flax seed oil alone or mixed with salad for 4 weeks to reduce cholesterol level, triglycerides in blood, to prevent platelets sticking together and to relieve arthritis pain.
- Take a teaspoon of flax seed oil three times with a lot of water to relieve stomach ulcer pain and intestinal ulcers and anal and bouts of colic resulting from gall bladder or kidney gravel and urinary tract infections.
 -Recent studies have shown that taking 25 g of flax seed oil per day for five weeks reduces tumor size in breast cancer. 
-A tablespoon of flax seed oil every day for 4-6 weeks to reduce the possibility of eye damage and dryness. 
- Two tablespoons of flax seed oil mixed with warm water to treat constipation. 
 Mix flax seed oil with hot water to relieve pain of boils and sores and skin diseases that produce pus and crusts and it is used to improve burns.
-A tablespoon of flax seed oil with a 1/4 liter of hot water leave it for 10 minutes for treating dry cough.