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Tact Sweet almond oil

-Sweet almond oil is useful for skin care because it contains vitamins and essential fatty acids.

-Fatty acids, the most important of which are oleic acid - linoleic – protein and gel substances
-Sugars and minerals: Ca, P, K, A, Mg.
-Vitamins: A, B, E

External use:
-Hair Care: it is nutrient for poor hair.
-It treats sore scalp and hair snap.
-It softens skin, especially burns.
-Hemorrhoids: mix sweet almond oil with egg and place the mixture on hemorrhoids. 
-Itch soothing in some skin diseases and eczema.
-It relieves pain and rebuilds middle ear drum membrane.
-It treats boils.
Linoleic acid, which belongs to group of omega 6 of essential fatty acids EFA. 
-EFA are necessary essential fatty acids for health which body cannot produce. They are sometimes called vitamin F or Polyunsaturated and must be obtained from food and have desirable therapeutic effects. They improve skin and hair and reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides. It prevents arthritis and is useful in cases of Candida albicans, heart diseases, blood vessels diseases, eczema and psoriasis. There is a high concentration of these acids in the brain and they help with transfer of nerve signals and they are essential for brain function growth, development and performance, and lack of such acids could lead to the deterioration of learning ability and information retrieval. Every living cell in the body needs EFA and is by the body in producing Albroostaglandniat. 
-It has two sets Omega-6 - Linoleic + Linolich alpha found in vegetable oils.  Omega-3 Linolenic + Eicosa Pentaenoic. These acids are found in fish oil, walnut oil and flaxseed oil. 
-Sweet almond salts are important. The gel substances help to regulate blood sugar level, reduce blood cholesterol and remove toxins.
-Vitamin E (tocopherol 4)
-It is antioxidant which is Important in prevention of cancer ,heart diseases and blood vessel diseases. It Improves blood circulation. It is also essential for tissue repair, treatment of P.M.S, cystic fibrosis, diabetes. It stimulates blood clotting and natural healing and reduces scarring, reduces blood pressure ,helps in prevention of cataracts, improves athletic performance and relaxes leg muscle contractions. Sweet Almond oil keeps nerves and muscles fit, strengthens the capillary walls, prevents anemia. It is an antioxidant it prevents cell destruction by inhibiting fat oxidation and inhibiting free radicals formation. It also protects other vitamins that dissolves in fat and destroys oxygen effect and delays aging. Its deficiency leads to infertility in men and women, disruption in the menstruation, neurological deterioration, muscle weakness at  age of RBC. Low vitamin E is linked to bowel cancer and stomach cancer.
-There is a link between increased of heart disease and between growing shortages of vitamin E in food.
Benefits: sweet almond oil is nutritious, tonic for nerves and it is intestinal disinfectant.

Externally: apply only on skin or hair once every day.