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Tact Ginger oil

Ginger oil contains essential oils. The most important of which is gingerol which is useful in cases of Raynaud's disease and it is a sexual tonic, anti-parasitic. It is also useful for treating ulcers and cleansing colon. It treats dizziness ,vertigo and vomiting of pregnant women. It revives memory and reduces blood sugar.

-It contains organic acids, including alpha Iinolik, Iinolik, Askorbak, Ospartk, Cabrk, Cabrelk, Kadolik, Klotamanc.
Oleg, Oksalik and amino acids: Orkanin, asparagine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Methionine, niacin, Thyronine, Tryptophan, Tairosen, Wallen 
- Minerals (aluminum, boron, chromium, cobalt, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, zinc) and Coakols, Gingerol. 
- Resin, cayenne, Bezapolin, Burnell, Camphene, Colin, Sceniol, Steral, essential oils, folic acid, Jizul, Iinoctol, acid Bantotnik, acid Parra - Omenobnznik, manganese, silicon, vitamin B-1

-It is appetizing. It is useful for  digestive system and it helps to prevent vomiting accompanied by pregnancy or chemotherapy or after surgery. It is useful for motion sickness, it is also useful for diarrhea caused by bacteria. Garlic treats indigestion and hemorrhoids. It cleanses colon. 
- Sexual tonic: it increases semen and arouses intercourse.
- Stimulating circulation : it helps the blood flow to limbs. It also proved to be instrumental in treating high blood pressure, increasing sweating, reducing body temperature in fever. 
- Asthma: ginger oil relieves shortness of breath symptoms through bronchial widening. It is an anti-histamine. 
-Ulcer: Ginger oil has eleven composites that has been proven to be effective as anti-ulcer . Ginger oil mixed with honey is the best treatment for such cases. Using  ginger oil with fenugreek oil protects stomach mucous membrane and forms a protective layer. Researcher Dr. Yoshikawa at the faculty of pharmacy has proven in 1992 -that he was able to separate a new compound of ginger Rizumat grown in Taiwan. It was  called acid 6 Jnlake Skfinuc. In addition to the 3 vehicles named Ginger Glicolebed. It has been shown to have anti-ulcer properties. 
- Ginger oil is anti- salmonella , anti-bacteria and  anti-fungi: It has been proven that ginger ,its derivatives and Alcojal, Alzenjrzn have a strong inhibitory effect against salmonella and cholera microbes.
- Another team also found ginger and other plants such as, garlic and mustard oil in addition to, salt and vinegar are anti- microbial diseases such as: Ahurcia Alcolnyat coli and fecal bacteria and streptococci / staphylococci and Streptococcus / Staphylococcus 
- It reduces intestinal cholesterol absorption and increases bile secretion.

- It helps in the treatment of diabetes and headaches. It reduces the prostaglandin compounds which cause pain because it helps body to relax and feel comfortable. It was proved that Zezovon, chamomile and ginger drinks are very useful in these situations.
- It facilitates discharge of menstrual blood. 
- It stimulates blood circulation and it is useful in cases of cold limbs (Raynaud's disease). It is a strong anti-oxidant.

- Ginger oil helps to relieve arthritis and tooth pain.


-A medium spoon every day with food in case of motion sickness, take it an hour before traveling and take another medium spoon during travel when feeling sick 
-For pregnant women:  only in the first two months of pregnancy.

- For Arthritis take a sufficient quantity of ginger oil, heat the oil in a water bath to (60-80 F). Place on a gauze wrap on joint and compressing bandage from 15-20 minutes and repeat this treatment every 6 hours or rub affected place with a mixture of equal quantities of ginger oil and sweet almond oil. 
- In case of toothache or mouth odor. Gargle with ginger oil.

Warning: Do not use if you have gallbladder.

Warning: Do not use in the late stages of pregnancy.