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Tact Rocket oil


 Rocket oil cleans digestive system and urinary tract, it increases sweat and menstruation, it removes freckles and  vitiligo, it prevents hair loss, and it is a sexual tonic.


 Active ingredients: Fe, P, iodine, ca, sulfuric glycoside and it contains vitamins: (A, B2, C, E, PP).


 External use:

 Rocket oil is used for scalp, acne and psoriasis

 Internal use:

  •  Sexual tonic because it contains B5.
  •  General tonic for diabetes disability. It is diuretic, anti-cough and appetizing. 
  •  Vitaminizes teeth and gums.
  •  Reduces Cholesterol and fat in blood.
  •  Removes phlegm.
  •  Relieves rheumatism and arthritis pain.
  •  Useful for digestion process and gallbladder production.


 Internally: a teaspoon in the morning or in the evening.

 Externally: apply on skin and scalp.