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Tact Aloe vera oil


Aloe Vera oil contains the following substances: 
1 - Saliselk acid, which is an exfoliating substance.
2 - Bradriqinin: a vasodilator
3 - Magnesium lactate: a disinfectant and anti-inflammatory. 
Externally useful for treating psoriasis ,acne, wounds, burns, cell renewal. It can be used as a laxative.


Active ingredients:

- Bradriqnin - Acid Alsaliselk (peeled) - magnesium lactate (anti-inflammation) 
Ontherukenon and Gelokumat

About aloe vera

-Aloe vera is a non-narcotic plant ,for which wars broke out. When Alexander invaded Egypt in 332 BC, he heard about a plant that has huge potentials in healing wounds so, he sent an army to an area near Somalia, where it used to grow. His army occupied that area to treat soldiers and deprived his enemies from access to it. It turned out that this plant was aloe vera.
Used parts: the juicy core of internal leaves. 
- There are more than two hundred different types of aloe vera in hot and dry regions worldwide.

External use

Useful for psoriasis: It has been tested on 200 people, compared with the placebo, response rate was 73% for aloe vera oil and only 7% for the placebo. It is used 5 days a week for a period 6 weeks.

-It is used for acne. 
-It treats burns and wounds and stimulates cell renewal. It has moisturizing and anti diarrhea properties 
-It is anti-fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Internal use :

- If used internally, it soothes stomach irritation, and helps healing. 
- It is an excellent laxative and diuretic for people who suffer from chronic constipation.
- In addition to that, it is good for alleviating the condition of AIDS patients and skin and digestive diseases they have.

- Apply aloe vera on the affected place. 
-It may cause hypersensitivity for people who are exposed to it, although it is rare. 
NOTE: Before you can use it, put a small volume behind the ear or on the armpit if any tingling or rash appears, do not use it.  
-A small spoon every day.