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Tact Garlic oil

-Garlic oil contains essential oils, some of which are: Aloguin and allicin which is the active ingredient in garlic and it has therapeutic properties and characterizes the smell of garlic and it comes as Allaen Allalnez enzyme that exist in garlic. 
-it treats 549 diseases the most important diseases of which are hardening of arteries - cancer - asthma - heart disease - blood sugar - sexual impotence - vitaminizing immunity. 
- It is anti-influenza and anti-bacterial and candida albicans, tuberculosis and intestinal parasites.
- It reduces cholesterol.
- It reduces blood pressure.
- It eases hardening of arteries, atherosclerosis.

 Alesen (Thomin), allele Daislved, P, Mn, Mg, Fe, Ca, Cu, essential oils, germanium, sulfur Sceniom Zn vitamins (C, B2, B1, A).
 Garlic oil contains many sulfur compounds that gives it great therapeutic properties. There are odorless supplements derived from garlic. The best compound is Chives extract (like kyolic).

 More than 25 studies has been conducted from 1979 to 1998 on 1920 people. It was found that garlic oil reduces cholesterol 9-12% and blood pressure10% –the smell of garlic oil is less than the smell of garlic -  

 _Using garlic oil would contradict with warfarin use.
-Researcher Tsai and others found in 1985 that the extract from garlic cloves is anti- influenza virus because it contains a high concentration of Allalesen .It is anti-virus, due to its impact on virus DNA-RNA. It is bacteria growth inhibitor, including TB bacillus and it eliminates Candida albicans. It is also useful for killing intestinal parasites.
- Recent studies have shown a close link between animal saturated fat and cholesterol and coronary disease and the link between cholesterol and hardening of arteries and heart disease.
- In Japan, Dr. Nishino and another group in the faculty of medicine, Department of Biochemistry in 1993  found a decrease in the activity stage of cancer by reducing the link of cancer material with breast DNA (DMBA-DNA) at an average of 23-46%, respectively. 
- 1991Dr. Satarjadi and others in Germany have acknowledged that garlic has a significant role in vitaminizing immunity system in experimental animals. In America, Dr. Brirver and others in 1993 studied the effects of garlic and its derivatives on white blood cells.
- It improves blood circulation, it reduces blood lipid and treats atherosclerosis 
- It treats asthma and sinusitis
- It is anti-oxidant, it cleanses body. 
- Alheimosisitn 
- It reduces blood sugar.

-A teaspoon in the morning or in the evening and it can be mixed with salad or with olive oil.