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Tact Mustard oil

- Mustard oil is appetizing, it increases saliva. It makes chewing easy, it increases digestive juices, it stimulates bowel movement and it is carminative.

-Mirosen, Sinalpin, Sinapin


- Mustard oil is a great appetizing, it increases saliva, it makes it easy to chew, it increases digestive juices It stimulates bowel movement. It is also carminative.
-It is useful for mouth, tonsils and throat inflammation, narrow bronchial tubes and cough.
-Mustard seeds can be used in the morning and in the evening before eating for a few days to prevent cerebral palsy and head artery explosion in case of atherosclerosis disease. It is also heart stimulus.
-It treats jaundice and abdominal pain.
-It treats dental pain and headaches 
-It is used in enemas

- Add mustard powder to bath water to treat lung congestion and weak heart. 
- Washing arms with mustard oil treats gout, breathing difficulties, heart weakness and finger numbness.
- Washing feet with mustard oil treats headache, dizziness and removes the feeling of suffocation. 
- Mustard poultice treats nervous headaches by placing it over the back of the head.
-Mustard oil treats hand chapped skin by massaging and washing them with soap mixed with a little mustard oil. Apply on chest and back for treating lung congestion, breathing difficulty and poor blood circulation. 
-Apply mustard oil on the back of the head in case of headache. 
-It treats stomach ulcer pain.

-A teaspoon twice a day.

Warning: it may irritate skin when it is used topically so, apply a few drops on skin first, after making sure there is no allergies. It can be applied on skin.