Sunday 21st of January 2018
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Tact Bitter Almond oil

Composition :
- Somponents: Glycoside Sialinip (mainly Alomjaddalin), essential fatty acids (EFA)the most important of which are oleic acid, protein and mineral and gelatinous materials.

- Skin moisturizer to remove skin blackening. 
- It removes freckles and melasma. 
- It opens skin pores. 
- It removes foot and armpit smell.
- Scalp Lichen 
- It tightens and whitens skin. 
- It removes dandruff and prevents hair loss

Externally : apply on skin at average once a day for 10 days. 
Do not drink (internally). 
General information about skin: 
What causes melasma.
Melasma is an acquired hyperpigmentation that affects face symmetrically caused by many factors and  sun exposure, which is the most important factor in causing it. Over microscopic studies show increased activity and  increased cell number in melanotic spots. Melasma treatment depends on the application of protective factors from the sun. 
- Freckles.
A genetic disease which affects people who have red or blond hair and this disease has no treatment other than protection from sun rays with an appropriate sun block.
-Bitter almond plays its role as a moisturizer and forms a protective layer from sun rays. It is also believed to play a role in discouraging the excessive metabolism of melanin. It is the appropriate remedy for melasma and freckles. Although the mechanism of its effect is still unknown, but experimental studies confirmed its efficiency