Sunday 21st of January 2018
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Tact Nettle oil

-Nettle oil treats benign prostatic hypertrophy, it contains a similar substance to estradiol that inhibits 5-alpha- Riedktaz factor which turns testosterone to dihydro testosterone.
-It activates Albrocaglandinat which is useful for (prostate inflammation (Prostatitis) – arthritis just like declofinat) 
-It treats hair loss (Alopecia).

Side effects:
- Dermatitis resulting from touching.
- Diarrhea 
- Edema 
- Digestive tract irritation

-Do not take during pregnancy 
-Do not take with a diuretic 
-Do not give to elderly 
-Do not give to children under two years

Active substances: 
- sugartin, chlorophyll, a similar hormone to female hormone.
- Vitamin (A - C), Formic acid, calcium, sodium, potassium, Fe Mn Mg, chlorine, iodine

About Nettle  
Description: nettle grows in uncultivated land, near houses, up to 2400 m. it has erect stem, perennial, green leaves, serrated spire head, yellowish green cluster shaped flowers,. 
Used parts: leaves, seeds and roots.

Active ingredients: potassium, Celis, tanning, Vitamins( A – C), calcium, histamine, formic acid, galick acid, acetylcholine, iron, sulfur, manganese and ammoniac.

-It makes digestion easy. It is anti-diabetes. It tightens tissues. It cleanses blood. It is diuretic, increases milk, stops hemorrhaging and removes congestion.

- General tonic, anti-prostatic swelling and tonic for digestive system, which is useful for diabetes and diuretic (in case of gout), it is also used for stomach ulceration and intestinal inflammation, menstruation, liver, bleeding outside menstruation period, urine incontinence, and sexual stimulation.

-It treats hair loss, stings and psoriasis.

- Half a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening.