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Tact Chamomile oil

- Anti-colic pain and nervous colon pain. Tonic for digestion and it is useful for cold and it is soothing and helps to sleep.

Externally: It is applied for treating eczema, abscesses and articular pain.

- Essential oil, Colin, inositol, Vitustrul, sulfur, iron, Mn, Mg, fatty acids, Flavonoiid, Kumarin, alcohol, glycosides, potassium, vitamin C.

Internal use: 

- Gastro-intestinal colic and cramp pain (infectious - stomach - kidney – P.M.S) urinal burning sensation.
- Nervous colon pain and  tonic for digestion. It is useful for colon inflammation and pain of uterus. 
- Flu and chronic cold. 
- Inflammation of air tracts and cough. 
- Boiled flowers are used for gargling in case of tonsillitis. They are also used for mouth ulcers and eye wash. 
-Chamomile extract is used to wash infected nose and Para nasal sinuses fester (inhalation and exhalation).
- Add chamomile oil to henna to give hair a brown color.
- For cold: Put a little peppermint or chamomile on metal sheet over a stove in order for chamomile volatile oil to turn into steam (Menthol). Closing windows is recommended for an hour.
-It is soothing and it helps to sleep.

External use:
- Moist inflammatory skin (some types of eczema).
-Oral sores and wounds.
-Festering bone and nail pockets because it increases the secretion of sequestered pus.
- Camocare chamomile cream is a global product, produced by Abkit .It alleviates pain associated with muscle lesions and joints such as, back pain and arthritis. It works in a similar way to cortisone without any side effects. (it affects the production of Albroostaglandniat in a higher level than CoxII,  CoxI, because it inhibits Alphusvoulibaz A2 enzyme). It is more effective than NSAIDs.
- Wet skin infections (eczema).
- Mouth wounds and sores.

_ Bone and ulcerated pockets, arthritis, because it increases the secretion of sequestered pus and speeds up healing.
- Boiled chamomile flowers are also used to treat chronic colds and flu. The steam is used for inhalation. 
-It is used for vaginal infections.
- Chamomile flower compresses extract are used to treat snake bites and other poisonous insects' bites.

Internally: one teaspoon every day.
Externally: apply on  joint or affected place in sufficient quantity  at average 1-2 times a day.

Chamomile action mechanism: 
-It relaxes intestines and colon muscle.
-Articular and skeletal muscle pain relief by inhibiting Alphusvoulibaz A2.
-It contains inositol -> I3P ---> goes against the anticholinergic and inhibits Anticholinergic -> closing calcimine channels -> Removes cramps.