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Tact Lemon oil

-Lemon oil is useful for cleaning skin, resisting wrinkles and treating nail diseases.

-Limonene compound is the key element of effective compounds. Some of which are Alfatyerbinin - Alvapapinn - Kumarnjan - Bayeux flavonoids-vitamin (A - C)

- Lemon oil is refreshing and skin detergent. It can be used for massage or in bath water or in warm compresses or inhaling it as incense.
-It can be used to rub chest or add lemon oil or to hot water to inhale its steam in case of cough or cold. 
-It helps to balance oily skin. Mix with eucalyptus oil for this purpose.
-It is a tonic and nutritive for skin.
_It is an old treatment for wrinkles. It also leads to large pore contraction.
-It dissolves fat and regulates secretion of sebaceous glands in dead cells in skin and makes skin smooth and shiny .
-It is used to treat spots and moles 
-Oral gargling with lemon oil is used in cases of gingivitis and sore throat by adding a teaspoon to half a cup of warm water.
-Lemon oil is the best treatment for oily hair and dandruff, especially with a mixture of equal quantities of  lemon oil, peppermint oil and ginger oil.
-Lemon oil is the best treatment for cracked nails. For removing freckles mix it with sweet almond oil 
-For foot fungi: mix lemon oil with olive oil. 
-To prevent facial wrinkles: mix lemon oil with olive oil.

- Externally: apply on skin.