Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Tact Rosemary oil

-Rosemary oil improves blood flow to brain. It is useful in cases of Alzheimer and stress. It removes headaches. Externally: it removes exhaustion and used for skin care.

-Homeland: Rosemary is spread in Mediterranean areas. Rosemary aromatic oil is obtained by distilling its flowering parts on steam.
Smell: refreshing herbal smell. 
Basic components: bitter substances, Benin, Sceniol. Camphor, camphene, acetate de bornyl, Bornillol, soapy, gum (resin).

Therapeutic properties: 
-Rosemary oil combats bacteria, relaxes stomach, stimulates blood circulation and digestion. It is astringent substance and anti-congestion. It  Improves blood flow to brain. It also prevents liver poisoning with anti-cancer properties, and tumors. It is useful in treating headaches, high and low blood pressure, circulatory disorders and menstruation cramps.
-It treats fatigue, migraine, asthma and gout.
- Massaging body with rosemary oil, gives it energy and activity and eliminates thigh pain.
-It is stimulating and antiseptic. 
-It is anti-rheumatic. 
-It is devoid of bile. 
-It organizes menstruation. 
-It treats wounds. 
-It is a pain relief and anti-fungal. 
-It is carminative
-It is disinfectant and peptic 
-Hot rosemary drink eliminates headaches
-It is useful for skin and hair care.

-Internally: a teaspoon after extending with olive oil.

-Externally: apply on skin.