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Tact Galingale oil

Internally: galingale oil is used to treat digestive disorders. 
Externally: it is used to reduce undesirable hair growth and treat edema and skin ulcers.

-The used part of the plant is root tubers which have a fragrant smell. Galingale is a perennial  plant. It contains tubers, fixed oil and volatile oil and it has camphor smell. Its taste is bitter. The Alrizumat contains a volatile oil that varies from one type to another depending on the environment in which it grows. There are some types of galingale, which does not have a smell. They are not used and they are only known by professional collectors of Galingale.
- Galingale tubers contain volatile oil which contains about 27 compound and the most important compound of which is of Alsescutrbin, mono turbines and alcohol Alevip and ketones.
-It also contains Alrizumat tubers and sugars such as, glucose and fructose in addition to a large quantity of starch, Gelokozydat, alkaloids, vitamin C and bitter substances.

Internal use: 

- Galingale tubers are anti-vomiting , gas expellant  and they are soothing. Alrizum extracts are used to treat bone disorders, flatulence, dizziness and nausea. Tubers are also used to regulate menstruation, eliminate anxiety or stress and breast infections.
-It is used as incense.
- From a medical point of view, galingale has been known for hundreds of years. It is used to increase milk and to kill parasitic worms and to induce sweat. It also prevents diarrhea and it is used as stimulant.
- It is used for treating gastrointestinal disorder. Boiled  galingale tubers  are used  in case of appetite loss, vomiting and diarrhea resulting from dysentery.

External use:
- It can be applied on skin by women after hair removal to reduce hair growth. 
- Fresh root tuber poultice is used to treat wounds, skin ulcers and swellings. It also can be placed on breastfeeding mother breast to increase milk.

Internally: doses should not exceed a teaspoon per day and preferably, dose to be extended with other oils. It also must be stored in a cool place, away from insects. 
Externally: apply on skin to reduce hair growth.

- Scientist Al-Saad mentioned in his "Berlin" book  two prescriptions to ward off toxins. The first is (sea salt + vegetative galingale + ibex fat + cooked oil + Kunder) mix them  together and use the mixture to massage infected spots. The second recipe is to treat stomach weakness. 
-In his "Hearst" book, Al-Saad, mentioned several prescriptions to treat a number of diseases including: removing general pain and this prescription is (barley powder + Susan flowers + lemon + garlic + galingale + juniper seeds). Take some of each ingredient, cook with a little water and  leave open at night and then, refine and eat this prescription in four day period. Al-Saad also mentioned  prescriptions to treat blood in urine and to remove shiver from any body part.