Sunday 21st of January 2018
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Tact Apricot Kernel oil

Externally: it is used as an anti-wrinkle,  anti-black halos around the eyes, a tonic for skin, whitens skin, cleaner and moisturizer. It has many benefits because it contains vitamins, fruit acids and a lot of useful minerals.

- Nutritious oils - carotene equivalent- Fruit acids (Alvahedroudi acid) - amino acids (Osedlibwamino) - the most important vitamins of which are(A-B-C-E-F) - A large group of minerals (such as, Phosphorus - Iron - Almngeniziom - fluorine - Bromine - cobalt)

- Use a cleaning  mask for facial skin with fruit acids to peel and renew skin surface cells and gain freshness and softness as fruit acids whitens dark skin. 
- Facial moisturizer.
-It vitaminizes and revitalizes skin 
-It vitaminizes facial nerves 
-It keeps cell and tissue healthy 
-It combats facial wrinkles 
-It is used for pregnant women or after pregnancy to resist wrinkles that appears on abdomen and it is used for treating chaps that appear on nursing women's  breasts. 
- Suitable for sensitive skin, including children's skin. 
- Suitable for tired skin that has lost its luster. It nourishes, softens, strengthens and purifies skin from aging effects.
- Treatment for black halos around the eyes.

-Use on skin in sufficient quantity.

- Treatment for pimples:( teaspoon of rosemary oil + one teaspoon of marjoram oil + two tablespoons of apricot kernel oil). Apply on pimples until they are gone. 
-Treatment for black halos around the eyes: (one teaspoon of peppermint oil + two tablespoons of apricot kernel oil or a mixture of chamomile oil + apricot kernel oil.)