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Tact Rose oil

-Rose oil is obtained from( Rosa Damascena ) flowers. It is a soothing and relief of pain and cramps. It contains crystallized Hidokarion and it is a colorless oil. It is possible that it ranges from yellow and green. It has been known since ages.

- Stronilol - Jiranjol - Nerol -  linalol - Ougenol - Phenyl - ethanol.
Active ingredients: 
Steronilol, Jiranjol, Nerol, Iinalol Setral, ojinol, phenyl-ethanol.

About Rosa Damascena:
-Homeland : Syria, Damascus . Rosa Damascena has been known since ages for their therapeutic properties. Rose essential oil is obtained by distilling flower petals with steam, or by using a solvent substance.
-Smell: strong rosy smell.
-Rose oil is drawn from flowers collected before eight in the morning to reach the highest efficiency. Rose oil is extracted by steam distillation. Temperature in distillation process is controlled accurately to keep rose properties intact without influencing their contents.

Chemical composition: 
- The chemical composition of rose oil is one of the most complex combination oils. It contains more than 300 unknown compounds, including Sterunello, vinyl ethanol, Jiranjol, Nerol, Farnesol, Strboaten with little Nonanol , Iinalol , Nonral vinyl Asitaladhead , Steral , Carvon , Steronelel acetate ,2 Viphel Minetill Asit ,methyl Ougenol, Oguinol and rose oxide.

Therapeutic properties: 
-Rose oil is anti-histamine, peptic devoid of bile, pain relief and anti-fungal.

-External use: 
It treats headaches, tired eyes, and for skin care. Massaging face with rose aromatic oil helps to relax.

Rose oil from Tact.
Rose oil from Tact is one of the best multi-use oils which is extracted from flowers for maintaining a healthy skin. 
- It is one of the best skin moisturizers, and it is antibacterial, antiseptic and it is useful for all skin types, especially for dry and irritated skin. It is used to treat surface capillary circulation disorders. It is also useful for skin infections such as, redness of skin, eczema and herpes.
-It is useful after cosmetic surgery and for cleansing skin.
-Rose oil is useful to clean and smooth women's genitals. It is used on a regular basis to balance female hormones in cases of impaired fertility and it is useful and tonic for uterus.

-Externally: apply on skin. Rose oil does not cause any toxic or irritation or sensitization

Rose oil mixtures
- Rose oil can be mixed with clove oil, jasmine oil and palm oil.

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy.