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Tact Anise oil


-Anise oil contains Alpha - Benin, Kryoussol, Dayanithol, essential oils and Broonithol which is a tonic for digestion. It relieves colic abdominal swelling, Asthma attacks, headache resulting from digestion, increases breast milk, vitiminizes ovaries and removes mouth odor.


- Anisole, the basic component in anise oil.

Active ingredients

(Anethol, Methyl Chavicol, Terpene) abstract. 
- There are effective substances in small quantities. The most important of which are limonene,  Alsprim ,saffron, Alastrajul , Anise aldehyde ,Cavite Asset and Alibjeem compound .

Internal use

- Appetizing ,stimulates digestion and heart, prescribed in cases of swelling resulting from gas, excessive air swallowing, indigestion, vomiting ,nausea, convulsions and cough. It is useful for breastfeeding women  (for increasing breast milk). 
-It stimulates digestion, extricates mucus from air tracts, combats infection, especially flue, and stimulates milk production in breastfeeding mothers. It is useful for  treating indigestion and respiratory infections such as, sinusitis. It is also useful for treating menopause symptoms. 
- Anise is a light diuretic.

 External use: 
- Anise brew compresses are used for bruises.

Mixture and method of use: 

- The ideal treatment for respiratory infections, asthma, cough, sore throat and bronchitis is a mixture of  (1 ml of anise oil + peppermint oil + thyme oil+ 20 ml of ginger oil). A tablespoon for adults. A tablespoon for children when needed.
- For digestive system in cases of colic and abdominal cramps, gas expellant (1 ml Anise oil + 1 ml cumin oil + caraway oil + 10 ml salvia oil).A tablespoon when needed. 
-It is galactagogue for breastfeeding mothers (1 ml Anise oil + 1 ml of caraway oil + 10 ml fenugreek oil ). A tablespoon per day with a glass of milk.
-It is used as lye for gums and mouth and acute tonsillitis ( 1 ml of anise oil +10 ml of propolis oil with caraway) . This mixture is very effective against body parasitic insects. Rub head  well with anise oil mixed with another oil such as, Jojoba oil by 1-5. 
-It is used for treating for weak ovaries and menstruation because it contains estrogen as salvia oil does. mix with 1-5 salvia oil. Take a tablespoon every day. Apply at the bottom of the abdomen.
-It relieves anxiety and insomnia, especially for elderly (a volume of anise oil + five volumes of salvia oil. A tablespoon before going to sleep).

Warning : Not to be given to pregnant women