Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Tact Jojoba Seed oil

 Jojoba seed oil takes an oily and wax form. This plant grows in desert areas in America and Mexico. It is useful for  wounds and sores, thrush and cosmetics
Treatment way: 
 It is similar to the natural fat which is produced by sebaceous glands.
 easily absorbed into skin so, it is used as an excipient.
 Its properties are similar wax compounds: Thir of oily and it plays the role of the skin moisturizer and a natural protector of it.
- reduces oily secretion.
- high persistence. 
- effect of iodine on bacteria and fungi

- Jojoba seed oil is chemically classified as a liquid wax resulting from the union of amino acids and transformation of one long carbon chain and that contains 40-44 carbon atoms and for this reason, its use fields are very various and without no effective cream or ointment formulation can be without it.
- It contains iodine and vitamins E, B, and contains zinc.

 -It is useful for skin dryness, psoriasis and acne.
It helps to tighten skin and neck and to eliminate wrinkles.-
- It relieves the pain of sciatica and to removes its symptoms.
 -It has anti-bacterial properties by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, especially Staphylococcus aureus.

 Apply externally on the skin twice a day.

Mixture and method of use:
- Jojoba seed oil helps to remove pimples and acne from face and body ( a moisturizing mask is made from Jojoba oil (6 volumes of Jojoba oil  + one volume of  wheat germ oil+ one volume of aloe vera oil + one volume of  rose oil mixed and used daily in the evening before going to sleep). 
 -It eliminates insects and scabies (mixed by 1-5 with anise oil).
- It removes skin infections on toes and on thighs (a mixture of equal volumes of oil, Jojoba oil, salvia oil, caraway oil).
- It helps in treating prostate hypertrophy (apply equal volumes of Jojoba oil, cumin oil and nettle oil on skin and take internally).
- It relieves the pain of hemorrhoids and anal fistula (a mixture of 5 jojoba + 1caraway+ 1 hyssop).
 - It helps to treat muscle tension and helps to relax exhausted muscles, especially if it mixed with lavender oil.
-It helps to soothe the pain of rheumatism and joint pain and inflammation of the lumbar spine ( caraway mixed with and salvia oil, and ginger oil )
 - It sooths skin before or after sun exposure ( mixture of equal amounts of oil, Jojoba oil, aloe vera oil, chamomile oil and to perfume the mixture add lavender oil) 

Warning :Not to be taken internally