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Tact Onion oil


Onion oil is a natural antibiotic, general tonic and blood sugar depressant .It protects against strokes and liver cirrhosis. Externally: it is useful for many skin diseases.


- Algelokonyn is a substance that is similar to insulin. It reduces blood sugar.
- Saturated selelosep fibers with sulfur volatile oil (allele sulfate: stimulates intestinal movement and excretion) 
-Phosphoric acid - Vitamin (B - C) - mineral salts (sodium - potassium - phosphorus - calcium - iodine) - (Algelokonyn - Aldeastez) enzymes and colloidal carbohydrate.
- Glycoside substances. The most important of which are Sillarin A  and Sillarin B , they are what make onion effective in treating heart diseases (it is tonic for heart and it regulates heart beats).


Internal use: 

-It is a natural antibiotic, nutritional supplement, general tonic, purifies blood, and blood sugar depressant. 
-It prevents strokes and angina.
-It kills microbe causing pharynx and sore throat, diphtheria and whooping-cough. 
-It prevents liver cirrhosis and heart disorders.
-It stimulates intestinal movement and excretion. Algelokonyn has a similar effect to insulin and reduces blood sugar.


Skin diseases. 
-For treating skin ulcers resulting from skin cancer:(onion oil + sesame leaf oil + radish oil in equal quantities) 
-For treating abscesses: (onion oil mixed with olive oil) heat and apply the mixture and put a band on affected place. Clean every day until pus comes out. After that, use aloe vera oil with black seed oil. 
-For treating warts: ( mix onion oil with a little vinegar and apply on warts for several days until they are gone).
-For treating acne: (mix onion oil, Jojoba oil and cardamom oil in equal quantities and apply this mixture every day).
-For treating eczema: (a mixture of onion oil, thyme oil and Propolis oil every day before going to sleep)
-For treating sores and rotting injuries: (mix onion oil with olive leaf oil, sesame oil, propolis oil, with black seeds) . Apply the mixture.
-For treating hair loss: ( a mixture of onion oil with fenugreek oil , olive leaf oil, grape seeds and rub scalp with this mixture twice a week).
-For treating lice and its eggs: ( A mixture of onion oil, parsley oil, sesame oil and apply on hair or skin an hour before bathing )
-Wound and abscess disinfectant. It removes nipple chaps.


- A teaspoon every day. It can be added to food or applied externally once a day.


Mixture and method of use: 
-Internally: a teaspoon on an empty stomach with a hot drink.
-Take one teaspoon of onion oil, radish oil, wheat germ oil and galingale oil in equal quantities every day. It gives a feeling of energy and vitality.
-For sexual potency and infertility: (a mixture of onion oil, radish oil with a similar quantity of honey).
-It is anti rheumatic ( a mixture of onion oil, laurel oil and radish oil)
-For headaches and migraines apply (a mixture of onion oil, myrtle oil on forehead and temples) 
-Topically: apply on pain place. It helps out the pus from abscesses. Apply on chest for treating whooping- cough and chest pain.

Tact Lettuce oil


Lettuce oil contains:
Allaktocaren and Traleras which are useful for soothing tension.
Internally : It is a natural sedative and induces sleep.


Externally: It cleanses skin


Lettuce oil: lettuce oil has a large quantity of vitamin H-known to be useful in treating infertility. It contains Allactoukarion and Tralis, which have sleep inducing and sedative properties. It also contains vitamins A-B-C. In addition to, a large quantity of minerals: iron - phosphorus - Calcium - Copper - Iodine.


About lettuce:
-Lettuce is known scientifically as Sative Lactuca, an herbal plant, it has been known for hundreds of years. Homeland: Western Asia and Southern Europe . Lettuce green leaves contain chlorophyll.
-Lettuce was used by pharaohs. Lettuce seeds were found in pharaoh tombs. They considered it an important treatment for numerous diseases.


-Lettuce oil is useful in keeping skin smooth. It treats dry facial skin, swelling of eyelids and skin infections, the removal of tumors, burn pain. It is also applied in cases of boils and pimples.
-In the past, it was applied on scalp for hair growth.


- Lettuce oil is useful in cases of infertility and balancing sexual hormones. It  has a great role in semen composition.
- It prevents prolonged and premature labor and it prevents abortion.
- It is useful in vitaminizing eyesight because it contains a large quantity of vitamin A.
- Lettuce lactic juice was used as a cough medicine.
- It treats stomach diseases and abdominal pain. 
- It is anthelmintic
- Rebuilding liver. For diabetes, dysuria , menstruation and to combat thirst
- It is very rich in vitamins and minerals


-A teaspoon in the morning and in the evening.


Warning : Do not take if you have asthma.