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Tact Propolis oil

Bees need a disinfectant substance to keep their hives clean, free of germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. For this purpose, bees collect a gummy substance from tree tops. Propolis paste is called wax. When bees add some yeast to it, it turns into some sort of mortar walls for their hives by and sextuple hives where the eggs are laid. Bees fill hive cracks with this material called propolis. Propolis is anti-bacterial, anti-fungi. It induces interferon production and resists hepatitis and influenza.

- Propolis is complex, plant origin material. It consists of effective compounds- various organic acids- essential oils - and many flavonoids -  Flavin, vitamins, minerals, and 16 amino acids.
- Propolis after dissolution is an appropriate rapidly absorbed from mucous membrane of digestive system, and it is absorbable through skin. It is disposed through kidneys.
-Chemical composition: analytical components vary according to source and area of bee grazing.

Active ingredients:
1 - Mugs and balsam resins 50 - 55% 
2 - Beeswax 30% 
3 - Volatile oils 10%
4 - Pollen 5% 
5 - Organic and mineral substances 
- Several researchers have conducted a study on propolis components and mostly - with the active role of flavonoids in treatment and the active role of Flavonolat.

-Propolis oil is anti-bacterial. It is topically effective like natural penicillin and it is anti-fungal and anti-viral.
-It is used as a remedy for all infections. It stimulates immune system and sooths allergies, due to  Albiovlawoonoeidat role in building the immune system and combating viruses. It also prevents fibrous cell transformation which is responsible for most of aging effects.
-It is used for viral hepatitis and inducing the natural interferon production.
-It is useful for hardening of arteries and fat increase. It liquefies blood, which prevents stroke for diabetics. 
-It is useful for treating diabetes complications because it treats and preserves cells in pancreas and stimulates their secretion. It frees body cells from free radicals that prevent allergies of insulin and frees at the same time free radicals from cells in pancreas that prevent allergies because of sugar.
-It heals broken bones in cases of arthritis and rheumatic pain and rebuilding  tissue.
-It is useful in cases of nose inflammation, flu, chest allergy, sinusitis, colds, tonsillitis and bronchitis. It is also useful in cases of asthma and allergic diseases mixed with pollen oil for treating allergic rhinitis and sinus congestion. Propolis drop is used with black seed oil. 
- It is a general tonic which increases physical and mental activity and it is cancer cell inhibitor.
- It is anti prostate infection, sexual tonic for men and women, especially with pollen.
- It treats urinary tract and bladder infections and prevents kidney stones.
- It treats skin diseases, wounds, burns, acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is useful in building new tissue in wounds. 
- It is used for treating intestinal inflammation resulting from poisoning to prevent and treat digestive system diseases like digestive ulcer, colon ulcer and nervous colon.
- Breastfeeding mother should take propolis oil and pollen oil repeatedly because it increases milk, and eases colic or child and accelerates uterus healing after birth. 
- It is used for dental and oral diseases.
_ It is a pain relief.
_ It treats ulcerative stomatitis.
_ Gargling with propolis solution for treating acute sore throat. Propolis has lethal effect on elastic fibers in blood vessel walls, ligaments. It has a lethal effect on bacteria and viruses found in mouth, pharynx or tonsils. It reduces throat and vocal cord congestion and eliminates bacteria that causes tooth decay or gingivitis. It stops gums bleeding, supports loose teeth and eliminates mouth odor.

The ways in which Propolis works:
- Propolis is characterized by three effect levels if taken orally:
- Rapid effects: it is internal antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and natural antibiotic which works against the pathogen in both ways. The first is anti-bacterial and prevents formation of bacteria cell wall and the second is to stop bacteria growth by inhibiting cellular division of bacteria, virus and fungal cell. Propolis chooses acids cell specifically without harming healthy body cells. and Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus suis are the most important microbial strains that are affected by different kinds of propolis, including strains that cause tooth decay and virus. Some of these viruses are flu virus and common cold virus, hepatitis virus thus, propolis is taken alone as antibiotic or with other antibiotics, according to the severity of inflammation and doctor's opinion. The best effect is when propolis is mixed with Kloxaylin and Streptumilen and A effects maccissilin 
-Medium effects. It vitaminizes immune system which increases body immunity to colds, flu and tonsillitis, bladder inflammation. propolis effect stops virus infiltration into cells and that this effect is increased if propolis oil is mixed with black seed oil. 
- Effects that appear, the longer propolis oil is used. The most important effect is anti-oxidation. All these effects delay aging and maintain body activity. Propolis oil is a strong antioxidant that rids body of free integrated with cells and frees these radicals and dispose them outside body. Free radicals Integration with special receptors in body and disrupting its mission is the reason behind most chronic diseases such as, immunity lack diseases and hardening of arteries, diabetes, arthritis and many skin lesions show excellent effects in oral and dental diseases.

- There are three forms of propolis and its oil is dissolved with black seed oil to increase the protective effect and immune system:
- Opaque glass containers, 60 ml: propolis solution with black seed oil 20% 
- Opaque glass bottle, 30 ml with dropper. propolis solution with black seed oil by 20%.
- Opaque glass containers. propolis water 20% with pure honey 
- Take a teaspoon every day in the morning.
- Children who are over two years can take few drops every day.