Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Tact Sandalwood oil

 Sandal wood oil is a sexual stimulant, urinary tract antiseptic and it is anti-gout.

- Sandalwood is used in India and East Indian islands in making incense, silk dye and red cotton textiles and the active substance known as (Santalin). It can be obtained as small red crystals that do not dissolve in water and dissolves in alcohol.
David said about sandalwood:
-"Sandalwood trees grow on China mountains. They are similar to walnut trees. Sandalwood leaves are small and soft.
- Sandalwood smell: thick oily liquid, with special aromatic odor used especially for gonorrhea. This oil is a temporary strong sexual stimulant. Its repeated use is very harmful. The quantity of medical dose is 0.5mm.
-Sandalwood layers are obtained from sandalwood tree that grows in India and in Western Australia

-It is a sexual stimulant 
-It vitaminizes stomach, bronchitis and headaches.
-It vitaminizes body and prevents fatigue and gout.
-The main uses for sandalwood oil is to cleanse urinary tract, stimulate and cleanse mucous membranes urinary tracts. Therefore, is used to treat gonorrhea and urethra inflammation, it cleanses respiratory system mucous membranes.

-Externally: apply small quantities.

-Internally: use less than half a teaspoon after extending it with sesame oil by (1-5).