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Tact Ginseng Oil

-Siberian ginseng belongs to a different plant family from American and Korean species, but its properties, benefits and uses are similar. 
-In China, Korea and Japan Ginseng is considered the best plant for health, especially for elderly and it is used for treating fatigue associated with old age, such as, laziness, sexual impotence, arthritis, senility, menopause problems and loss of libido. They called ginseng( the herb of immortality) 
Russian medicine scientist  (Barakaam) and his colleagues: stated that Ginseng helps the body to adapt. It is a general tonic and it improves health.

 The basic material is ginsoside. 
 Orapinos, calcium, camphor, ilioyotirosedat, Jinocdat, iron, Article mucosa, resin, Banaksuseidat, saponin, starch, vitamins A, B 1, B-12, e

-A high dose of ginseng oil reduces blood pressure. 
-A small dose of ginseng oil raises blood pressure.
-It is useful for physical and psychological fatigue and it is a general tonic.

- It vitaminzes adrenal and reproductive glands, stimulates immune system, lung function and appetite. 
- It is useful for diabetics who do not use insulin and in case of infertility, lack of energy and tension. It is also useful for quitting addiction. It protects from radiation damage and athletes can use it to vitaminize body.
The German Committee of Experts which evaluates herbal medicines advised using ginseng: 
 -For improvig immunity ( ginseng oil increases the number of leukocytes in blood and stimulates the secretion of Inter veron, which increases the body's resistance to viruses and increases the action of antibodies ANTICORPS) 
- For improving mental skills. It increases learning ability, thinking and concentration 
 -For diabetics who do not use insulin.
 -For protecting liver from harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and other toxic substances and it improves liver function. It increases endurance and improves performance, it is believed that ginseng resists stress by supporting adrenal gland. 
 A group of European researchers (in Denmark, Italy and Finland) have advised using ginseng: 
  as a complementary treatment for cancer patients. It also reduces cell damage caused by radiation therapy and protects healthy cells from damage.

 - A teaspoon every day.

Warning: Do not take during breastfeeding or if you have allergy.

               Do not use if you suffer from lack of blood sugar and high blood pressure.