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Tact Pomegranate oil

Pomegranate oil eases menopausal symptoms, hormonal and vascular disorders, osteoporosis because it contains similar substances to estrogens which are nerve stimulating.

- Hormonal substances which are similar to estrogens such as, Vetoostroyjin. Pomegranate oil is one of the richest plant sources in estrogenic steroids like 17 alpha-estradiol.
- Antioxidant substances that are called multi–phenols.
-It contains 60% of omega-5 and 13% of omega 6 and omega-3.
-Catalysts and revitalizing substances for central nervous system such as, riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus.
-It also contains detergent-inflammatory fatty acids, the most important of which are pomegranate acid and Afsih ,Alberden and alkaloids.

-Menopausal symptoms. It contributes in treating cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis resulting from the lack of estrogen.
-It prevents breast, ovarian and uterus cancer, due to containing hormonal substances similar to estrogen.
-It resists skin cell deterioration and protects skin from wrinkles and delays aging effects.
- Anthelmintic. 
-It is disinfectant for women's urinary tract infections. Internally and externally. 
-It is anti diarrhea, dysentery and hemorrhoids.

-Half a teaspoon in the morning and in the evening.