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Tact Thyme oil

-Internally: thyme oil is useful for respiratory diseases ,cough, indigestion, anxiety and weakness. Externally: it improves skin color.

-Used parts: leaves – flowers. 
-It contains phenols, the most important of which are  Azaatrul, Altimol , Alcarockerol, resin substance, and disinfectant substance such as, ricin and tannin which is used to cleanse mouth, treat infections and remove tooth ache and heal lean gums. It is anti-hookworm.
- Thimol: it kills microbes and it is anthelmintic.
- Rvkrol: it is paregoric, antiseptic, diuretic, ,extricates phlegm and anti-toxin. 
-Tannin: it is antiseptic. It treats wounds and prevents bleeding and diarrhea.
- Resin substances: they vitaminize muscle - prevent hardening of arteries - extricate harmful salts.
- Vitamin B complex, Bornillol, Kavkacrol, chromium, essential oils, Flor, gum, iron, silicon, Tanin, thiamine, thyme oil, Timol, Trajterpenk acids, vitamin C.

Respiratory system: 
Indications: asthma - bronchitis - cough - sore throat - whooping cough – sinuses infection.

Digestive system: 
Indications : flatulence - loss of appetite - indigestion. Intestinal worms, gallbladder and colic pain relief.

Urinary-Reproductive system: 
Indications: Menopause - urinary tract infection. It vitaminizes sexual ability.

Use thyme oil gargling (2 drops in a cup of water) for treating gingivitis - mouth infection - sore throat

Nervous system: 
Indications: depression, anxiety, insomnia - poor memory, physical or mental weakness and fatigue.

Muscles and joints: 
Indications: arthritis pain - gout - rheumatism.

- skin care: 


• Burns - abscesses - scabies - wounds – ulcers. It improves skin color. 
• Tonic and stimulant for body part physiology function.
• It stimulates circulation , generates urine , sweat and menstruation.
• It Improves skin color and facial skin. 
• It prevents hair loss and protects teeth from decay. 
• It eliminates dandruff  mixed with other herbs.

- Take only after extending it as follows, mix with olive oil by (1-10 )volumes and take one teaspoon of the mixture per day.

Mixture and method of use: 
- Mix well with Albergmut, and orange oil, lemon Albergmut rosemary and tea tree oil.