Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Tact Grapefruit oil

- Externally use grapefruit oil to get rid of cellulite and vitaminize  lymphatic system mood moderation and vitaminize digestive system and clean skin.

Grapefruit oil is extracted by cold squeeze. It is rich in vitamin C. Homeland:  Asia.

 Grapefruit oil consists of the following substances:
- a-pinene-sabinene 
- myrcene- limonene 
- geraniol- linalool 
- citronellal, decyl acetate, neryl acetate.
- terpinen-4-ol.


- It burns fat and cellulite 
- It vitaminizes lymphatic system and ischemic 
- It relieves muscle spasm 
- It is an anti-depression and for mood moderation 
- It is skin detergent and anti-bacterial 
- It treats edema 
- It eliminates acne 
- It stops hair loss

Internally: use grapefruit oil, after extending it with olive oil 1 to ten.

one teaspoon every day

Mixture and method of use
- grapefruit oil can also be mixed with lavender oil.

Warning: it can irritate skin if grapefruit is used and exposed to sunlight for long periods.