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Tact Camphor oil

- White camphor is the used plant. It is an external analgesic for joint and nerve pain. Inhale oil steam for cold. Take small quantities for internal use.

-It is extracted by distillation to produce white, brown and yellow camphor. The white camphor is only used by dissolving it in10% of sweet almond oil (according to the constitutions of drugs). 
- Roots and leaves also contain camphor. The way in which countries produce it is to cut the branches and place them in pottery vases that have a large number of holes and it is placed over a water bath, the water steam carries camphor then, water condenses in other pottery vases, where the output hard object freezes and by pressing it, the camphor oil can be obtained.
- Camphor is refined by a process of (sublimation), and this process means the hard object turns into steam and when cooled, steam condenses to a hard object at once without going through the liquid state.
- A liquid which belongs to the genus (Ketones), and nitric acid is oxidized to the (Camphoric Acid) and camphor oil contains (Cineol) and (Safrol).
- If camphor is used on skin, it causes redness of skin. Blisters may occur if the quantity is large. Camphor is added in small quantities to some powders, because the powder helps to relieve the burning sensation caused by eczema and Impetigo and some other skin infections. It is also a component in some antiseptic products.
- The most important components are Camphor and Aleugeniol

External use: 
- Analgesic for joint pain and inflammation of nerves. 
- It can be used in nose mixed with vinegar or basil and placed on a piece of cotton inside nose.

Internal Use: 
-Use with caution and specific doses of no more than a  teaspoon. 
-It leads two functions: an analgesic and a stimulus. It is prescribed in cases of decline, epilepsy and nerve weakness. For, it stimulates and revives nervous system and it is prescribed in cases of menstruation, delirium, asthma attacks and bronchitis. it is also soothing.
-Camphor helps to relieve the pain of common cold and flu, in this case put a little powder in hot water and inhale steam from the nose, taking into account to cover eyes because it irritates them.
- Camphor is cold ,dry, stops bleeding, diarrhea ,sweat, thirst and diets. It removes lung sores ,tuberculosis, hepatitis, urinary burning and tooth erosion. Applying it is useful for arthritis pain. 
- According to Ibn Sina 's book, camphor prevents tumors, with vinegar it prevents epistaxis ,useful for  headaches ,useful for acute fever cases ,it vitaminizes senses .It is one of acute conjunctivitis drugs ,heart medicines, generates kidney and bladder stones.

-It is usually used externally in small quantities and extended  with other oils and applied on infected areas. For nose mix with vinegar and place on a piece of cotton inside the nose. It is used internally in small quantities which does not exceed a teaspoon for a limited period of time.

Mixture and method of use: 
-It can be mixed with basil and lavender and chamomile oil. 
-For nosebleed: mix with vinegar or basil and place on a piece of cotton inside nose.