Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Tact Marjoram oil

Marjoram oil contains Terpinol - Carvacol – Camphor , due to this, the increasing importance of marjoram oil as a fundamental factor as a pain relief, treating dropsy, indigestion, colic and colds. It is phlegm dissolvent , antispasmodic, it regulates menstruation and blood circulation. It treats cramps of digestive system and arthritis.

Aromatic herb it has opposed leaves which are dark green and white or red small flowers. The used part is leaves, flowers and thin stems. Wild Marjoram is a perennial herbal plant of  peppermint species. It contains volatile oil, homs Sterolat, tannins and flavonoids.
Marjoram oil contains volatile oil , Strulat acid , tannins , flavonoids and other effective substances. Some of which are  Iimol Alcavacrol and acid Alorzmarnaik.

-It regulates prolactin hormone and it is useful in cases of irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea. 
- As this plant contains hormone generators in the form of turbines, so marjoram oil is useful for regulate hormones, and simply brings back hormonal equilibrium. If healthy people take marjoram oil, it does not affect their hormonal composure, but it leads its role in accelerating assimilation (General anabolic).
-It regulates renin and Aloldstron hormones and blood pressure.
-It is a general tonic. It helps to restore hormonal balance it and removes excess water.
- It is carminative. 
- It treats rheumatism, eczema and ulcers. 
- It is used to massage nerve inflammation and neck muscles pain. 
- It is anti-oxidant and it contains substances which prevent cell destruction.
- It gives a feeling of relaxation.
- It has been proven recently that the aqueous extract which retains volatile oils reduces blood sugar 15%.
- It treats cold and bronchial tubes expansion.
- It regulates high blood pressure it also removes excess water and foot swelling. 
- It treats pregnancy pyotoxinemia.
- It relieves arthritis and rheumatic pain. 
- It treats ear pain
Marjoram in the prophetic medicine: marjoram is mentioned in the narrated hadeeth in three ways, one hadeeth says: (take Marjoram, it is good for cold).

- A teaspoon every day

Mixture and method of use: 
a teaspoon in cup, then pour hot water and cover it for 5 minutes, then refine and  add sugar twice after eating. 
The way of making marjoram tea:
- Take a tablespoon from marjoram leaves and put them in a glass, then pour  hot water, cover it and leave it for 15 minutes , then refine it and drink it. This  can be repeated every day. (do not boil the herbs. Add hot water, in order not to lose volatile oils) 
-Marjoram should be used every day as tea or with salad or with any other food.