Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Tact Fennel oil

 Fennel is useful for treating digestion problems, expelling gas and irritated colon (IBS) and abdominal pain, cramps and gastro-intestinal.

- Fennel is famous perennial plant. It grows up to one or two meters, it has many branches, linear leaves  and its color tends to blue, the stem is blue or dark red, flowers are shaped like an umbrella with a yellowish green color. Fennel gold-colored flowers attract bees.
- Used parts: fresh root and seeds. Fennel oil is extracted from fennel seeds. It has sweet taste and fragrant smell. It sooths stomach and cramps. Fennel seeds are small, yellow, longitudinal granules with gray stripes. 
- Homeland: countries of the Mediterranean and then, it spread to South America by the Spaniards and to Virginia by the English. Fennel spreads in Egypt, Greece and Syria and all the western Arab countries and in southern Saudi Arabia. Egypt and Syria are the most fennel producing countries.
- Fennel contains essential oils and the most important  compounds are Anethole and (Fenchonp) which is the reason for the distinctive smell of fennel. It also contains compound (Esthragole).
- In addition, to vitamins A, B and C and minerals, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron and potassium. 
- Anithol, Calcium, Camphene, Simin, chlorine, Deebentin, essential oils, fincon, limonene, acid Ooulibk, Binino, 7 - hydroxy Kumarin, Stigma, sulfur, vitamin A and C.

- Fennel is carminative , tonic for blood circulation and anti-inflammatory.
- Boiled seeds tranquilize and sooth stomach and is galactagogue during breastfeeding.
- Fennel oil is useful for treating digestive problems. It sooths cough and respiratory diseases. 
-Uterine tonic, that is why fennel oil should be avoided during pregnancy.
-Useful for fatigue. It removes mucous and skin inflammation secretions. It also relieves pain.
-It is used as appetizing and eye lye. It stimulates kidney function, liver and spleen. It cleanses lungs. It eases the pain of stomach, colon, gas and gastrointestinal tract cramps. It is also useful for treating stomach acidity. It is useful after chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer.
-It treats colon and bowel syndrome. 
- It treats flue, cough, asthma, whooping cough, sore throat, and acute and chronic indigestion, in case of stomach cancer. It is also used to treat bladder and urinary tract.

- Half a teaspoon in the morning and half a teaspoon in the evening.

Mixture and method of use:
_ Mix fennel oil with 25 drops of thyme oil and eucalyptus oil with 25 ml of sunflower oil or almond oil, and rub chest for chest diseases.