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Tact Sesame oil

It is rich in fatty acids, vitaminizes body and increases weight. It is a strong antioxidant and tonic for liver, anti-hemorrhoid and sexual tonic.

Externally: use sesame oil to moisturize skin. It is used topically in case of menopausal dryness.


Hydrogen saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The ratio of linolenic acid is 47% of total components of oil, its importance in building cell external membranes, energy production and metabolism at the center of cells, and activating immune cells through its transformation into Yukotrain 4-B.
- Sesame oil contains natural antioxidants such as, vitamin E, and other materials which are not found in any other oil such as, Seesamyn and Cisamul and Cisamolin.

The benefits of using sesame oil: 
-It is useful as an aphrodisiac for men, due to its ability to increase Albroostaschaelin production. 
-It helps to stimulate ovary and relieve vaginal dryness during menopause and reduce menstrual pain. 
- It is useful as anti-cancer due to the anti-oxidant compounds and fatty acids like linolenic acid. 
- It is tonic for liver and protects it. 
-Nutritious and laxative 
-It is useful for treating hemorrhoids 
-It increases milk production

-It is skin cell stimulant and moisturizer to decrease skin diseases such as, cracks, eczema. It is sun block and delays wrinkles.

 Take sesame oil with food in the following quantities:

-Tbsp 3 times a day for adults
-Teaspoon twice a day for children over than 3 years 
-Externally: it is used as a skin moisturizer .It is also useful for treating eczema.
-It is used for massage as an oil bath or in case of sciatica, menstrual pain and menopause by placing dry piece of cotton soaked with sesame oil inside vagina overnight and remove it  in the morning. Repeat this seven days.