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Tact Myrtle oil

Externally: myrtle oil vitaminizes hair follicles. It treats excessive sweating.
-Internally: it is prescribed for gravel, urinary tract disorders and sound diseases

_Myrtle oil is a volatile oil that contains Alsenaul Alvapanin, Martinol, limonene, Algiranjol, Maruotol, Afsih Jalolonte.

Internally :
-Myrtle oil is used to stop hemorrhaging.
-It is air tract and bronchial disinfectant.
-It is diuretic. It is useful for gravel fragmentation and urinary tract inflammation. It is also prescribed for urinary disorder.
-It is used in Egyptian folk medicine for treating epilepsy.
-It tightens body tissues. It is also an antibiotic.
-It removes mucus from chest.
-It treats stomach heat and tumors.
-It treats MS in any body part and cough.
-Pharaohs prescribed myrtle syrup for treating sound diseases

-It vitaminizes hair follicles, it prevents hair loss and makes it grow back.
-It treats lower back pain and abdomen redness.
-It useful for treating paralysis by massaging.
-It is used in cases of excess sweating.
-It is a beauty skin cream. 
-Use myrtle oil for treating enema.

Internally: a tablespoon twice a day. 
Externally: Apply a sufficient quantity of myrtle oil on affected place once or twice a day.