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Tact frankincense oil

Useful for a healthy uterus:

Frankincense oil is useful for the health of your uterus. Because it controls estrogen production . This prevents forming a bag chances in uterus and tumors after menopause, which is known as uterus cancer , it keeps the uterus healthy through regulatin normal menstruation . It also treats pressure and other conditions of female reproductive system

An astringent:

Male frankincense oil also contains astringent properties. For it is known to promote hair, blood vessels, intestines and muscles roots. Fortifies gums and also helps in early hair loss prevention. It is also used for diarrhea relief. It also prevents loss of control from abdomen and limbs and bowel muscles loss with aging. He as a blood clot and helps to slow bleeding of cuts and wounds

Helps in asthma treatment :

This oil is a great cure for asthma, inhale the oil straight from the bottle, or release into the air and inhale or rub and you'll find relief from asthma symptoms. Oil can be also rubbed on your toes or on the lower side of your foot. Oil can also be applied on spine and chest for relief

Good oral health:

Frankincense oil has a strong antiseptic qualities, helping to cure a number of problems through mouth, such as toothaches, and mouth ulcers, mouth infections, and bad breath, many of today's oral care products contain frankincense oil.

Improves mental attention:

When relesed in the air or applied on the bottom of neck. Frankincense oil can improve concentration and mental attention


Frankincense oil is a great for people who suffer from severe acidity and indigestion. Antacids or other medications for digestion to overcome all symptoms. But frankincense oil can make digestion easier and works much better than antacids. Frankincense oil improves gastric fluid secretion in stomach and makes the food movement through intestines easy


Frankincense oil helps in skin cell rejuvenation. It is also used to treat wounds and scars, pimples, stretch marks, cancerous and pre-cancerous moles. It also works as an agent for anti-aging by reducing wrinkles and slowing down other signs of aging. You can use this oil with coconut oil every day to give skin radiance

Regulates hormones and treats depression:

Frankincense oil is also used to treat depression because it contains (sesquiterpenes), that stimulates the system in brain, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the master gland that produce several important hormones, such as growth and thyroid hormones

Fortifies the immune system:

Frankincense oil is useful for the immune system. You only need to apply 1-3 drops of this oil on the bottom of your feet, for the stimulate the immune system. This oil also promotes rapid recovery from cold and cough

Studies and research:

Many research studies have shown that frankincense oil contains cancer fighting properties. It has been known to kill cancer cells in bladder effectively, frankincense oil has toxic effect on cell inhibition in many human cancer cell lines, such as loukemya, melanoma cells, colon cancer cells, prostate cancer cells, fibrous cells Pancreas cancer .

Dosage: use externally through applying on chest twice a day