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Tact Pollen oil

-Pollen oil contains important therapeutic and nutritive substances which are useful in gaining weight and malnutrition, treating menopausal symptoms, ovulation weakness, tension and nervous exhaustion.

- Pollen oil consists of nutritive and therapeutic substances, the most important of which are proteins and amino acids, sugars and fatty substances. 
- Mineral salts and rare elements such as, iron, calcium, and phosphorus and a large group of enzymes and yeast and a wide range of vitamins, including various types of vitamin B and vitamins A-D-C-K.

- Pollen oil provides body with energy and food additives, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is appetizing. 
-Pollen fixes the anomalies in metabolism which results of certain chronic or long-term diseases. 
-It is an excellent treatment for slimness in growth stage, especially for children who suffer from malnutrition. 
-It treats anemia.
-It is useful in cases of colon and nervous system inflammation resulting from intestinal bacterial infection, especially salmonella.

-It treats nervous system diseases. Pollen oil  was used successfully in cases of nervous tension and nervous breakdown, anxiety, distress and intense agitation.
-It is useful for patients who are being treated with radiation or radioactive drugs because pollen reduces the effects of radiation in blood and body and increases red blood cells and increases hemoglobin level and prevents capillary infiltration. 
-It reduces cancer.
- It treats menopausal symptoms.

-A tablespoon in the morning and in the evening for adults.
-A teaspoon every day for children over two years.

Mixture and method of use:
-Pollen oil is mixed with propolis oil and black seed oil with honey as a treatment for patients who suffer from excess acidity and stomach ulcers.
-It improves reproduction. It helps to increase sperm and ovulation. It is more effective when it  is mixed with sesame oil, and pollen mixed with honey.