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Tact Salvia oil

Latin Name: Salvia Sclarea

- Salvia oil is used to enhance memory and treat nervous fatigue and frigidity.

Active ingredients : camphor, estrogenic substances, flavonoids, resin, Salven, saponin, Tanin, turbine, Tjrn, essential oils. Camphor, estrogenic substances, flavonoids, resin, Salven, saponin, Tanin, turbine, Tjrn, essential oils.

- Salvia oil is used to treat memory impairment because it inhibits enzymes crash acetylcholine as acetylsalicylic Colin useful in the transfer of nerve signals (chemical carrier). Therefore, it stimulates memory 
- It is anti-oxidant because it has Thugon and flavonoids. 
- It is useful for menopause.

Urinary-reproductive system: 
Indications : it helps to constrict uterus and thus, helps to ease childbirth. menses-generating

- It is tonic for womb.

Nervous system: use in bathtub water - spray - inhalation - massage.
Indication : treatment for (ED) - nervous exhaustion, weakness and general fatigue (physical - mental - nervous - sexual) - tension and stress. 
 Skin Care: 
Indications : it is used especially for relieving and soothing infection - treatment of wrinkles - dry skin - sunburn - oily skin. 
 -It stimulates central nervous system and gastrointestinal tract and has estrogenic(female)  effects on body. It reduces sweat, saliva, and useful for treating hot flashes and other symptoms of estrogen deficiency. It is useful for treatment of diseases that affects mouth or throat such as, tonsillitis when it is used in the form of tea. It could be used for hair washing to make it shiny and increase its growth. It is also used to stop milk production when breastfeeding.

 -A table spoon every day.

Warning: Do not use during breastfeeding or in the first months of pregnancy.

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Warning: Salvia hinders iron absorption and other metals when used internally. It reduces milk production in breastfeeding mothers and should not be given to those who suffer seizures or during pregnancy.