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Tact Coconut oil

-It is mostly used externally to vitiminize hair and for some skin diseases.

-Clove oil is extracted by cold press from fresh coconuts picked from the coconut palms that grow in tropical regions.
-It contains a large amount of vegetable saturated fatty acids, 92% that is different from saturated fatty acids of animal origin with a medium-length strings and easy to digest which is  very similar to women's breast milk. It includes: 
Kabreuek, Cabrelik, Kubrick, Warwick, Merestek, Balmitrik, Orahediek, Oleg,-linolenic.

-Coconut fruit and coconut oil have been used for a long time for medical purposes, especially in traditional Indian medicine and (Ayurvedic medicine).

External use:
- It is used to treat baldness and hair loss.
- skin moisturizer and useful for abscesses. It has an antibacterial property. -It protects children from external skin infections.
- urticaria, rash and scabies.

Internal use:
-It is an important nutritious source. It improves energy absorption for many elements and vitamins such as, A, B, E, K, D.
-It increases total cholesterol and particularly good cholesterol HDL
- Dysmenorrhoea
- Cough and cold
- Tuberculosis 
- Syphilis 
- Throat pain

- It is used internally at average a tablespoon every day. It can be applied externally if necessary.