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Tact Cucumber oil

-Cucumber oil is soothing and conditioner for skin. Externally and internally: It helps to purify blood and urine and urine inflammation, diabetes mellitus and anthelmintic.

Cucumber is one of the known vegetables for a long time. Homeland: eastern India, where it was handed out since 3000 BC.
Active substances are concentrated  in cucumber seeds, where seeds are taken after cucumbers wilt, washed and dried and then, cold seeds are crushed to preserve the active substances.

- Cucumber oil is used in formulating cosmetic compounds as a soothing and conditioner for skin for all diseases which can irritate skin, especially if the cause is sun or skin lesions. It treats allergic diseases, especially skin irritation and urticaria. 
-Cucumber is useful for purifying  blood and urine ,removing impurities from bladder and it helps to relieve headaches.
-Cucumber oil is recommended for diabetes patients because it helps to purify body of toxins, especially diabetes mellitus, because it is similar to the active ingredient insulin which reduces the level of sugar in the blood, but with a very small proportion. 
-Take two tablespoons (10 ml) on an empty stomach to kill parasitic worms. 
- It is used for urinary tract infections or bowel disease. It is also useful for gastro-colic, constipation and to render stomach acidity. 
- Cucumber leaves are used as pain relief  for rabies. 
- Crushed and dry cucumber seeds are used to clean teeth and when they are soaked in water and squeezed they treat bladder diseases.

-Internally: Medium spoon every day.
-Externally: apply a sufficient quantity on skin once every day.