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Tact Celery oil

-Celery oil is useful for treating thyroid diseases, asthma, kidney stones, a sexual stimulant and relieves swelling of spleen and liver. Externally used for rheumatism and hair loss.

- Celery is an old herb that has been proven to be planted from over 3000 years, especially in Egypt. It has been known in China in the fifth century BC. 
-Homeland: central and southern Europe and it  grows in a vast land in Minor Asia and North Africa. 
-It is an annual plant of wild celery (ache). 
-It is up 30- 100 centimeters. Celery leaves are composite ,divided into oval and heart -shaped leaflets. They are divided  into several cloves with lobed serrated edge. Leaves are light green and flowers are small and white. Fruits are small double oval shape and they are light brown. 
- Celery contains important elements, including calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese, which is  rich in iodine.
- It also contains carbohydrates and fluid substances, diuretic materials, soothing ingredients and compounds.
- It can be used internally and externally.  Seeds, roots, leaves and stems are the used parts.
- It contains volatile and fixed oils with Alterbennin and a little protein and therapeutic diuretic colloidal materials.
- It contains Obiol a substance which decreases temperature and regulates menstruation, it has also starchy and cellulosic materials, B compound, iron, vitamins and vitamin A, C

Internal use: 
- It is rich in iodine 
- It is appetizing, useful in folk remedy to get rid of intestinal gas and bulges, tonic for stomach secretions. 
- Tonic for libido and it eliminates testicular pain.
- Celery is also useful in treating swollen spleen diseases and liver hypertrophy.
- It is a diuretic, treats retention of urine, it helps with descent of gravel out through kidneys outside the body. 
- Celery is useful for treating asthma and shortness of breath. 
- It is used to treat dysuria and purification of kidney and bladder 
- It is useful for treating sciatica.
- It reduces blood pressure.  
External use: 
- It is useful for joint , rheumatism and gout pain 
- It is also used topically for the alopecia disease, hair loss and vitiligo.

Externally: apply a teaspoon everyday on the affected joint once a day.

Warning: Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.