Sunday 21st of January 2018
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Tact Mallow oil

-Mallow oil prevents joint diseases and bone inflammation because it contains  Algluckozamin which is an element in the composition of cartilage and other flavonoids .It is useful for osteoporosis. It also contains manganese and calcium.

- Active substances, the most important of which are Alglkozyd compounds that contain phenolic compounds (flavonoids) - Algelkoseidat. The most important of which (Alglkozamin) - beta carotene - beta carotene - article Alklorvil -vitamins the most important of which are vitamin are (C - A) - nicotinic acid, anti-pellagra - the most important minerals (iron - manganese - Calcium - Almngeniziom)

-Mallow oil prevents joint diseases and inflammation of bone. 
-It treats infertility. It is also a sexual tonic.
-Manganese which exists in mallow oil is necessary for generating insulin hormone, which regulates blood sugar and combats osteoporosis.
- It vitaminizes eyesight.
- It maintains membranes of body parts and protects them from premature aging. 
- It vitaminizes  immune system and increases  body's resistance to infections and diseases.
- It reduces "bad" cholesterol in the liver and in blood serum. 
- It prevents hardening of arteries.
- It regulates neurological disorders and resists depression and tension.
- It is a laxative and soothing to stomach and intestine membranes. It combats constipation and reduces fat absorption. 
- Mallow oil is used in cases of joint and arthritis pain and allergies.

- 2-3 tbsp oil every day.

_ Mallow oil is safe. There is no use precautions.