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Tact Basil oil


Internally: appetizing , improves digestion , anti-convulsion and gas repellant.

Externally: apply on temples to relieve headaches. It is also useful for some skin diseases

 Yellowish-white liquid with a distinctive smell. It contains Alosemen,  Alagoesarnaik Acid  which is one of the most powerful antioxidants. In addition, to many important compounds such as, Astrajiul - Altimol - eugenol -lemon - Senol - Aulinolik Acid - Aorcolik.

Internal use: 
-It treats indigestion and flatulence. Mix with one of the appropriate oils and massage affected place softly in circular motion.

External use:
-It provides a sense of comfort and freshness. It helps to relax and balance the body. It can be used for body massage or add a few drops of it to a hot bath or use it in an oily stove to give  air a nice scent. 
- It is used to treat bruises, joint pain, skin diseases, especially scalp resulting from fungal infection. 
- It is used in the treatment of gingivitis and mouth ulcers. 
- For treatment of acne, warts and pimples. It alone helps to heal wounds or mixed with cardamom oil. It also prevents hair loss.
- Externally used on skin to repel mosquitoes and other flying insects

Internally: use a small spoon of basil oil. It can be extended with olive oil if needed. 
Externally: Apply on skin.