Thursday 18th of January 2018
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Tact ostrich oil

Rub ostrich oil three times a day on joint for two weeks, relieves cramps and pain ostriches because oil is a cure for pain and swelling in joints for those who suffer from joint diseases.

A new Australian study confirmed that ostrich oil can also be used to treat baldness for men and skin wrinkle for women.

This oil contains a high proportion of collagen, which is the basic element that gives skin the known elasticity. It also does not block pores due to its penetration property. Helps to relieve intense pain, and has some anti-inflammatory qualities, it is expected to be useful in treatment of articular inflammation, pain, reduces inflammation.

The positive results of this oil depends on the quality of injury. If it is resulting from sports , the pain can be relieved within hours, whereas in chronic conditions, such as arthritis, pain may need several weeks to be relieved.

Ostrich oil contains large amounts of linoleic acid and olic acid. These compounds have great benefits in the treatment of inflammation and pain.

It can increase thickness of skin to its ability to incite growth of skin cells.

Scientists also discovered other important compounds of great benefit, showed that the oil penetrates the soft muscle twice faster than mineral oil used in the manufacture of abrasive and pain-relief and general skin care ointments .

Therefore, oil may be used for the penetration of anti-aging skin compounds. It also helps to find ways to give aspirin for patients who suffer from peptic ulcers that prevent them from taking it orally.

Ostrich oil is used also for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis disease case in addition to the pain that can affect body, this can be through body massage with ostrich oil to provide your body with comfort and relaxation and improves skin appearance