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Tact Oat oil

It is a nutritive herb, and acts as a tonic to the heart, nerves, and thymus gland and has excellent emollient properties

Therapeutic uses 

Internal use

Oats are used internally to treat depression, nervous exhaustion, shingles, herpes, menopausal symptoms, and debility following illness

 Oats are used as an herbal tea and are used to fight osteoporosis, to build bones and for pain relief, calming hyperactive children, soothing elderly people, fighting anxiety and panic attacks, boosting the immune system, lifting depression and countering nervous exhaustion

Oats are thought to have a sedative effect and are also useful when trying to stop smoking by reducing the craving to smoke

Oats on have been used as a natural aphrodisiac and strength enhancer by men and women and is said to help free bound testosterone as well as stimulate the motor ganglia, thereby increasing the excitability of the muscles

A daily dose of oats also used to lower cholesterol levels

External use 

Used externally for various medical and cosmetic preparations to treat eczema, acne and dry skin

Oats have cosmetic properties due to the components that make it up and which act

- on skin: as a sedative, emollient and moisturizer

- on hair: thanks to its moisturizing and revitalizing qualities. This is why it is used in preparations for weak, ill-treated hair or hair that falls out easily

Products formulated with Oats are often described for their beneficial action on different types of skin

Here follows a summary of the main actions of cosmetic products formulated with this plant

Excellent emollient properties

Co-assists in the treatment of dry skin

Softening effect on sensitive skin

It helps to reduce the irritation caused on the skin by unfavorable climatic conditions or on skin with this kind of problem

It plays an important role in the treatment of older skin as well as problem skin

Excellent agent against pruritus