Sunday 21st of January 2018
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Tact cod liver oil


For heart and blood vessels. Cod liver oil contains materials tha reduce the risk of heart diseases such as, hardening of heart arteries as it works to reduce triglycerides and cholesterol in blood. It also works on a relaxing blood vessels in a useful way and reduces the factors that affect blood clotting.

For brain Cod liver oil is considered one of the best useful fats for the health of the brain. It regulates serotonin function which is inhibitive for depression. It also protects brain from infections inside blood vessels. Cod liver oil fortifies memory and reduces Alzheimer's disease rate.

Cod liver oil is very useful in resistance  of cancer and treatment of colitis and psoriasis, where fatty acids in cod liver oil works to stop the chemicals called cytokines responsible for joint and bone inflammation and pain.

Cod liver oil is very useful in treatment of arthritis and reduces the resulting pain from it, because it contains fatty acids that goes in the formation of the eroded cartilage cells in joints.

Cod liver oil contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D, and therefore works to increase body's immunity and growth and fortifies muscles and works to protect against common colds.Vitamin D is essential for calcium deposition in bones and teeth and increases Calcium absorption in the intestines so it is used as a treatment for Genu varum rickets. Vitamin A is very essential for the health of eyes, hair and skin in general 

Dosage: One tablespoon a day is advised