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Tact Juniper oil

-Juniper oil is used externally for treating rheumatism, severe skin diseases and it is urinary tract antiseptic. Internally it is used in small quantities because it is useful for patients with AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes, glucosuria and leanness.

-It contains juniper which is a berry and it has gummy juice. It contains volatile oil, tannins, resin, vitamin appetizing and diuretic.
-Juniper fruit contains Alcohol, Kadinin, Camphene, essential oils, Flavon, resin, Sabinal, sugar, sulfur, Tanin and Tirbinat.
- David Antioch said about Juniper: "it heals chronic cough, and chest pain resulting from humidity, and stomach weakness, colic and gas, kidney, hemorrhoids, poison resistant . It is used in making washes and bandages. It stops sweating and it is a good drink"

-It is used to treat arthritis and muscular rheumatism, if it  is used for a long time, patients who have a severe case of this disease come to a point when they cannot  move. First they should wash their limbs with hot extended juniper oil ten times every day. When they are able to move, baths can be taken.
-It treats muscular rheumatism or gout, or paralysis by massaging with juniper oil or dye (2-3) times a day for a few weeks. The dye or oil  is made by soaking a portion of juniper mashed fruit in three volumes of alcohol for the dye to be made. To make the oil: put some olive oil in a sealed bottle, place it in a hot place for ten days, then refine and dry the marinated by adding an equivalent quantity of water .After shaking it should be preserved well. 
- It treats chronic skin diseases and syphilis after its symptoms are gone by drinking boiled juniper wood, boil (20) grams of it in a cup of water for ten minutes, then refine and drink few times every day.
-juniper oil is used to cleanse urinary tract.

- Juniper fruit emulsion or cooked juniper fruit is used to vitaminize immunity, especially for diabetics or swine disease or tuberculosis, for those who suffer from weakness and lack of appetite. It also treats rheumatoid arthritis and gout.

Externally: Apply on skin when necessary.

- To make juniper boil: cut tips of branches into small pieces and boil four handfuls of them in water for three hours. After boiling, refine and add the boiled water to a hot bath (35) F. Patient should lie down for a (15-20) minutes.
-Juniper emulsion is made by adding a cup of boiling hot water to a teaspoon of juniper mashed fruits, and drink two cups every day several times.

Warning: Do not use if you have kidney disease .It could contradict with iron absorption and other minerals in intestines if taken internally.