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Tact Cinnamon oil

- Cinnamon is good for digestive system. It is anti-spasm and antiseptic.

Active ingredients: aldehyde cinnamigue, or eugenol, terpenes, pinene, Sceniol to Iinalol, furfurol, cymene.
-Aldehyde cinnamigue, essential oils, Eugenol, Mitholeugenol, vegetarian gel, sucrose, starch, Tanin

Therapeutic properties :
- Antiseptic, anti-spasm, regulates menstruation and carminative.

Internal use: it treats weakness, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, light menstruation, digestive disorders, flatulence and cold.

External use: It treats wounds and skin diseases. Body massage with aromatic cinnamon oil stimulates body and helps athletes during training. 
-It has stimulating, peptic and antiseptic effects.

- Take cinnamon oil only after extending as follows. Mix with olive oil by 1-10 volumes and take a teaspoon of the mixture every day.

Warning: Do not use large quantities during pregnancy.